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Montgomery City Medicine Shoppe Gains 650+ Facebook Followers With Digital Pharmacist Facebook Ads

The Medicine Shoppe in Montgomery City has only been using our services for 9 months, but already built a community of over 650 Facebook followers.

The Medicine Shoppe in Montgomery City has only been using our digital marketing service for 9 months, but the results are already clear. The pharmacy’s creative and original monthly ad campaigns have helped them build a community of over 650 Facebook followers.


Melanie Oehler, full-time pharmacist in charge at Montgomery City Medicine Shoppe, oversees all day-to-day business operations and patient care. In the past few months, she’s also been managing the pharmacy’s COVID-19 response while ramping up their social media efforts to keep patients informed and engaged. “Social media is the wave of the future, not just for younger people but for all ages. If you’re not socially involved online, you’re behind,” Melanie says.

The Medicine Shoppe currently has 7 locations around the state, 5 of which use our digital marketing services. Digital Pharmacist’s marketing program supports pharmacies’ presence online. Our offerings include paid advertising and social media content support, reputation management, lead tracking, and a range of curated health content.

Melanie decided to focus her efforts into building a Facebook follower audience through targeted ad campaigns and page posts. “I wanted to make sure I was doing what I could to help capture the attention of more people beyond Facebook friends and followers. That’s what I really like about the ads,” she says. 

Thanks to her hard work, Montgomery City’s location has seen the biggest community growth due to advertising. Between January and April 2020, their ads saw 103,969 impressions, 1,444 link clicks, and 2,016 engagements. Before joining our digital marketing program in August 2019, Montgomery City Medicine Shoppe had “virtually no followers,” according to Melanie. Now, the pharmacy boasts an active, engaged community of 651 Facebook page followers.

Every month, Melanie devotes a large chunk of time, from 5 to 7 days, to brainstorm posts, take pictures, and prep ads with our team. Her post’s thoughtful content and customized images have certainly paid off. “We’ve been running a free vitamin program and I can’t tell you how many people didn’t know about it. Now, people suggest and share our ads on Facebook. Your service has helped us gain customers and increase customer knowledge of our offerings.”


Melanie’s most effective strategy so far has been inviting anyone who interacts with an ad to like or follow the pharmacy’s Facebook page. She also regularly spotlights one employee a month and says that these ads are popular with both employees and customers.


“Even with just a simple post on Facebook, the ads got out to a lot more people,” Melanie says. “It’s a service worth having. I definitely think you’ll get your return.”

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