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20% More Inbound Calls, 513 Average Monthly Refills with IVR

Greenbrier Pharmacy & Fountain increased 2020 inbound calls by 20% and average refills to 513 a month with Digital Pharmacist’s IVR.
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Greenbrier Pharmacy & Fountain, of Greenbrier, Tennessee, combines dedicated healthcare with a hometown feel. Co-owned by Dr. Misty Williamson, PharmD and husband Dr. Todd Williamson since 2006, Greenbrier offers retail and specialty services alongside a gift shop and small cafe. 

“Misty was working at a couple of big-box stores and just got tired of patients being a number and not a name,” said Todd. “She liked the overall personal care that you can give at an independent pharmacy. So, one night I told her, ‘Let’s just open up our own.’ And that’s what we did. With two small kids.”

Greenbrier’s services include prescriptions, compounding, durable medical equipment, medication synchronization, medication therapy management (MTM), and CBD products. 

The pharmacy first partnered with Digital Pharmacist back in April 2017, signing on for our branded healthsite and mobile app, newsletter, and interactive voice response (IVR). 

This year, Greenbrier Pharmacy has continued to see a quarter-over-quarter increase in IVR inbound calls and prescription refill requests.

This year, Greenbrier Pharmacy & Fountain has seen:


More IVR inbound calls in Q1 2020 than Q1 2019


More IVR inbound calls in Q2 2020 than Q2 2019


average monthly IVR refills in 2020

“With Digital Pharmacist’s IVR, patients aren’t asking a thousand questions because they have the information right there. They can actually do a lot of things for themselves and refills are very easy. So instead of the phone ringing all the time and being overhauled all day, we can actually get work done.”

In 2019, Greenbrier averaged 1,757 inbound calls a month, which rose to 2,104 between January and November 2020, an increase of nearly 20%. This has led to an upward trend in IVR refills, from an average of 455 a month in 2019 to 513 in 2020.

With IVR, the Greenbrier Pharmacy & Fountain team have been able to replay and store patient and prescriber voicemails from the pharmacy experience dashboard. The dashboard also allows them to personalize their IVR menu, so they can update information like store hours and staff breaks. And if a patient calls in on a mobile phone, the system can automatically send them a link to download the pharmacy’s mobile app. 

Digital Pharmacist’s IVR Auto Attendant feature helps direct new callers to either the pharmacy or the fountain so they could connect with the right department as quickly as possible. 

“We’ve set up our IVR to route to different departments which has been a big helper in saving us time and letting the system handle the basic questions so we can focus on our patients,” Todd said.

Greenbrier Pharmacy was one of the first stores to pilot Auto Attendant. A feature of our Digital Pharmacist’s old IVR system, Auto Attendant was readded to the updated platform in July and is now generally available.

Digital Pharmacist has helped thousands of pharmacies connect with millions of patients through a suite of digital communication and engagement tools. Our cloud-based IVR system offers a full-configurable system that allows pharmacists to automate manual tasks and streamline incoming calls with visual voicemail and infinite call capacity. 

From January to November 2020, Digital Pharmacist IVR clients saw over 5.2 million refills and more than 14.3 million IVR inbound calls.

To learn more about how IVR can help save you time and increase business, get in touch with us today

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