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Mobile App Increases Refills by 367% in 20 Months

Digital Pharmacist’s pharmacy mobile app has helped Spitale Drugs increase refills month-over-month by 367% in 20 months.

Spitale Drugs has been a family institution in Morgan City, LA for over 100 years. Founded in 1901, the specialty pharmacy supplies the community with medications, medical and surgical supplies, healthcare products, compounding services, and immunizations. 

In 2018, owner Louis Spitale, RPh, had been looking for a way to help patients manage their prescriptions by requesting refills and checking on prescription status. He first heard about Digital Pharmacist when we reached out to him about our branded healthsite and pharmacy mobile app products. Thinking it was just what his pharmacy needed, he signed up as a client in September 2018. 

In just 20 months, Spitale Drugs has been able to increase mobile app refills by over 360%.

Since launching the pharmacy mobile app, Spitale Drugs has seen:


increase in mobile refills in 20 months


average monthly refills in 2020


average monthly unique patients requesting refills

“The Digital Pharmacist pharmacy mobile app absolutely helps us compete against the big chains.”

Altogether, Spitale has achieved remarkable month-over-month growth of mobile app refill requests. From less than 600 requests in 2018, this year they now average 835 monthly refills from around 220 unique patients.

According to Spitale, their main strategy for marketing the mobile app has been printing out and using the bag stuffers that Digital Pharmacist provides with step-by-step instructions. And the response from patients has been extremely positive. “I’ve heard a lot of good things from our patients about the app,” Spitale said. “A lot of them really appreciate it, especially the younger ones!”

Spitale Drug and its patients are not the only ones giving the app rave reviews. Since its launch, the Digital Pharmacist mobile app has garnered high app store ratings.

PocketRx, available as an iOS and Android app, has a 4.7 rating on Apple and a 4.7 rating on Google Play. Our mobile app ratings compete effectively with big-box store apps. CVS Pharmacy’s mobile app, for example, holds a 4.7 Apple rating and a 4.4 on Google Play. 

Here’s what a few of our recent reviews have said about our app:

“Very convenient and always accurate. I’m extremely happy with this app, makes life easier.”

“Easy peasy to use.”

“I’m the worst procrastinator when it comes to getting my meds filled. This is literally a lifesaver!”

With configurable features, secure messaging, and family prescription management, the Digital Pharmacist mobile app is popular with over 450,000 patients and 2,500 pharmacies nationwide. 

Learn how you can boost your refill revenue with a branded mobile app by getting in touch with us today.

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