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Pharmacy Received a 300% Refill Increase With Digital Pharmacist Tools

Digital Pharmacist’s branded healthsite and mobile app has given Blount Discount Pharmacy the tools to stand out and increase refills by 300%.
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Tennessee-based Blount Discount Pharmacy offers compounding and retail services in three different locations, along with clinics, long-term care, and immunizations. 

Co-owner Phil LaFoy, DPH, has found that since national brands run on an economy of scale, they can’t deliver the same level of personalized care as local independent pharmacies. By closing the gap in technology, Phil has been able to leverage his competitive advantage and see his big-box competitors scramble to compete with him, rather than the other way around.

A pilot member of Cardinal Health’s Pharmacy Marketing Advantage program in partnership with Digital Pharmacist, Blount launched their branded healthsite and mobile app in mid-2017.

By 2018, the pharmacy averaged 650 monthly digital refills and over 1,200 monthly website visitors, far exceeding many local competitors. This year, Blount’s success with digital refill capabilities has increased rapidly.

This year, Blount Discount Pharmacy has seen:


increase in average monthly mobile app refills


increase in average monthly website refills


increase in overall digital refills

Starting with an average of 500 website refills and 150 mobile app refills a month, Blount has tripled their inbound requests. They’ve now seen around 850 website and 960 mobile app monthly requests since January, for an average total of 1,810 digital refills a month.

Patients quickly became accustomed to looking on Blount’s website for their address, phone number, and hours of operation. As the website developed to offer 24/7 refill capabilities, they soon took to the pharmacy’s convenient new method for managing prescriptions.

Their patients’ adoption of digital refills has also helped LaFoy and the Blount team work more efficiently. According to him, they saved over 50 hours in the first few months after launch alone, hours that he didn’t have to spend on the phone manually receiving refills.

The secret to their success, according to LaFoy, is wide and consistent messaging of their website and online tools. Wherever possible, he includes the website URL on all marketing materials, prescription bags, and prescription labels. This helps guarantee that when a patient thinks about refilling a prescription, they go to the website first. 

With the option of home delivery, patients are no longer just basing their location of choice for prescription refills on convenience, but rather on the quality of service they receive. National chains have taken notice of the success of Blount Discount Pharmacy and other local pharmacies and are making changes to compete. LaFoy said he’s even noticed a big-box competitor price matching some of his prescription specials. 

It’s clear that by closing the technology gap and doubling down on personalized patient care, Blount Discount Pharmacy has managed to flip the script on their big-box competitors.

Digital Pharmacist is committed to helping pharmacies stand out among the competition. Our suite of digital engagement and communication tools has served over 5,000 retail and specialty stores in more than 7,500 locations nationwide. To learn more about how our offerings can transform your business, get in touch with us today.

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