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34% More Q2 Website Refills for Redner’s Pharmacy

Redner’s continues to bring community pharmacy to warehouse stores this year, increasing digital refills with our branded healthsite and mobile app.
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Redner’s Pharmacy has been part of the Redner’s Markets chain for over 30 years. Each location offers healthcare supplies and retail products and a range of over-the-counter and medication services such as immunizations and MTM.

Pharmacy Contract and Compliance Coordinator Nicole Keller oversees Redner’s 8 pharmacies in Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland. Since 2015, she’s worked with Digital Pharmacist on their branded healthsite and mobile app which allows them to offer digital services and interact with patients.

“It is all about customer service and that philosophy extends directly into our pharmacies,” Keller said. “We may be a large warehouse store, but we know our patients by name and connect with them when they come in. We know their stories and things going on in their lives. We spend the time talking with them while they wait for their prescriptions.”

This year, Redner’s has seen a significant increase in online and mobile refills as more patients take advantage of digital services during COVID-19.

In 2020 so far, Redner’s has seen:


digital refills January to August


increase in Q2 digital refills


increase in Q2 website refills

 “I really like the dashboard. It’s nice to log in and see that our work is paying off and that patients are using our website and mobile app. I like being able to see the exact numbers and track our progress.”

In total, Redner’s Pharmacy has filled nearly 6,800 refills in 8 months and achieved a 15% increase in website and app refills in Q2 over Q1. They’ve also had over 200 new mobile app downloads.

According to Keller, they’ve tested a range of different marketing tactics to promote the healthsite and mobile app since launch. “We are lucky to be part of a larger organization that has internal resources to support us. We went all out and advertised the refill capabilities of the mobile app and website. We advertised in our weekly circular, hung posters in the stores, printed out bag stuffers telling customers how to get the app and created prescription stickers to put right on the bottle and bags. So I can’t say one thing was more important than any other, but it was a combination of things that worked to raise awareness and increase our refills.”

Keller highlighted the website and mobile app as a way for patients to order their refills during off-hours, a perk that served the pharmacy well this year. “It’s a great way to spread the word and ties in with Redner’s philosophy to be engaged with our local communities,” she said.

The pharmacy’s digital refills capability has also proved popular with the team’s pharmacists and staff. “The reaction has been nothing but positive,” said Keller. “They like that prescription orders come in regularly and during off-hours. They can process them first thing in the morning and have the refills ready for the customer when they arrive in the store. It is so much easier when you are going 100 mph and it is busy at the counter. It benefits both the patients and the pharmacists for sure.”

Digital Pharmacist has supported over 5,000 pharmacies in 7,500 locations nationwide with digital engagement and communication tools. During COVID-19 our clients have seen record levels of prescription refill requests and patient engagement. Our HIPAA-compliant branded healthsite and mobile app combine digital refill tools with secure messaging and prescription management to promote adherence.

To learn more about our web and mobile experience for pharmacies and to request your software demo, get in touch with us today.


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