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Redner’s Brings Community Pharmacy to Warehouse Stores

I asked Nicole Keller what sets Redner’s apart from other Warehouse stores and she said “It is all about customer service and that philosophy extends directly into our pharmacies. We may be a large warehouse store, but we know our patients by name and connect with them when they come in. We know their stories and things going on in their lives. We spend the time talking with them while they wait for their prescriptions.”

Redner’s has seen rapid growth in mobile downloads and refills in just the last few months so I asked Nicole what she is doing differently to make people aware of their mobile app. “We are lucky to be part of a larger organization that has internal resources to support us. We went all out and advertised the refill capabilities of the mobile app and website. We advertised in our weekly circular, hung posters in the stores, printed out bag stuffers telling customers how to get the app and created prescription stickers to put right on the bottle and bags. So I can’t say one thing was more important than any other, but it was a combination of things that worked to raise awareness and increase our refills.”

Nicole added that she is also starting community outreach and will be highlighting the website and mobile app as a way for patients to order their refills during off hours. “It’s a great way to spread the word and ties in with Redner’s philosophy to be engaged with our local communities.”

When I asked what the pharmacists thought of the mobile app Nicole said “the reaction has been nothing but positive. They like that prescription orders come in regularly and during off hours. They can process them first thing in the morning and have the refills ready for the customer when they arrive in the store. It is so much easier when you are going 100 mph and it is busy at the counter. It benefits both the patients and the pharmacists for sure.”

Nicole added, “I really like the dashboard. It’s nice to login and see that our work is paying off and that patients are using our website and mobile app. I like being able to see the exact numbers and track our progress.” With Nicole at the helm, we have no doubt that Redner’s will see continued success.

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