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RGV Hometown Pharmacy Increases Foot Traffic With Free Program and Digital Pharmacist Facebook Ads

RGV Hometown Pharmacy leveraged Digital Pharmacist Facebook Ads to promote their free vitamin program, signing up 95 new patients in 3 days.
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With over 95 patient sign-ups in three days, RGV Hometown Pharmacy’s most recent Facebook digital marketing campaign made waves online.

Located in Harlingen, Texas, RGV Hometown Pharmacy’s mission is to provide outstanding customer service and patient care to the local community. Adrian Cervantes, PharmD, and owner of RGV Hometown Pharmacy, launched the pharmacy’s general marketing efforts when the business first opened its doors in September of 2018. The pharmacy passed out branded pens, notepads, coupons, and water bottles to local boosters and businesses. 

They also began advertising on Facebook to build their online presence. Initially, these marketing efforts brought traffic to the gift shop, but the business struggled to drive that same traffic to the pharmacy.

RGV Hometown Pharmacy has:


Patient Sign ups

“We are pleased with our digital presence, and we look forward to seeing the results of this (Free Kids Vitamin Program) campaign. It is definitely off to a good start.”

To increase foot traffic, RGV Hometown Pharmacy launched the Free Kids Vitamin Program. 

In just three days, 95 patients signed up for the new program. RGV Hometown Pharmacy did not place an ad in the local newspaper, on a billboard or on the radio. Instead, they worked with our Agency team to construct a Facebook ad and landing page for their website to help spread the word about the program.

RGV Hometown facebook ad

RGV Hometown ad

The campaign started on a Friday. Over the first weekend, the pharmacy had 95 patients sign up for the program through their pharmacy healthsite. 

Since the launch of the Free Kids Vitamin Program, RGV Hometown Pharmacy has seen some patient transfers come in. They anticipate more as the program continues.

RGV Hometown Pharmacy translated their online presence into foot traffic by providing a message that their patients and community can relate to. 

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