Our Improved Refill Error Handling & Legal Checks

One of the biggest challenges for patients and pharmacists with our original platform was that the system did not notify the patient if their refill failed. Through integration, our new platform now produces 34 different intelligent messages if a refill fails. Refills can fail for many reasons. For example, an RX number may be expired, […]

Gain a Seat at the Table by Partnering with a PSAO

In speaking with pharmacists to find out what is instrumental to the success of their businesses, this month, we spoke with Keith J. Haddix, Jr., RPh, about why he chose Sav-Mor to help him keep up with the changing pharmacy landscape. Read his story below to learn about the benefits of partnering with Sav-Mor and […]

Our New Family Accounts

Families can now add multiple patients into a single family account. This feature can also be used by nurses in long-term care facilities to create patient groups. Older versions of the website refill process and mobile app did not allow for multi-patient information to be stored and transmitted from a single account. We uncovered the […]

How the Oldest Pharmacy in Georgia Is Improving Adherence Through Technology

RxSafe’s adherence strip packaging with vision inspection system in action We regularly speak with pharmacists to find out what has been a game-changer for them and their businesses. This month, we spoke with Vance Wall, RPh, owner of Advanced Medical Group (AMGRX), about how RxSafe’s adherence strip packaging system with PakCheckRx™ vision inspection has boosted […]

How Pharmacy Unlimited Started Serving Nearly 75% More LTC Beds

We regularly speak with pharmacists to learn how they use technology to change their businesses. This month, we spoke with Nathan Skaggs, COO at Pharmacy Unlimited, about how the pharmacy was able to increase its patient base by 75 percent. Pharmacy Unlimited is an independently owned long-term care (LTC) pharmacy in San Antonio, Texas, that […]

March is Save Your Vision Month

In an effort to equip you with effective social media tools, we’ve prepared marketing collateral for Save Your Vision Month that you can include in your regular social media rhythms. Similar to our Valentine’s Day content, you can use these graphics for your seasonal promotions to drive in-store traffic and purchases. We encourage you to get […]

How We Ensure Tighter Security Through Double Verification

We’ve always taken data security very seriously and we have never been hacked or had a HIPAA violation. With more advanced hacker techniques, highlighted by the Experian and Yahoo! hacks, we added an extra layer of verification to our account creation process. New patients will be asked to verify their email address with a special […]

Our HIPAA Secure Single Sign-On For Patients

As part of our 15-week exploration of our 15 improvements to the Digital Pharmacist platform, this week we’re highlighting our HIPAA secure single-sign capability for patients. With this function, we’re making the web-to-mobile experience seamless, eliminating confusion and increasing patient engagement. Patients can now sign on to your website and mobile app with the same […]

Understanding Your Pharmacy Income Statement: Part II

Having a solid understanding of your independent pharmacy’s financials can spell the difference between your business’s success and failure. While you may have an accountant whom you trust to prepare your financials, having a grasp of your pharmacy’s financials can aid in better business decisions, day-in and day-out. As we continue this three-part series, we’ll […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media (Part 2)

Last week, we covered the 5 Do’s of Social Media. In case you missed it, you can read it here. To ensure you are on the right track and utilizing social media the right way, we have continued the series and have listed the 5 Don’ts of social media. Don’ts Don’t write about specific patients. […]