Challenges Independent Pharmacies Face (Part 2)

Let’s face it, owning and managing any business is not easy. Owning an independent pharmacy can even be more demanding and difficult. Here are three more issues all independent pharmacies face with solutions to help you solve them. View part 1 of this article here. 4) Marketing You may feel like marketing is on the bottom […]

Our Improved Online Wellness Classes Program

Our improved Wellness Classes program can be accessed on the iPad, iPhone and Android where previously it was only available on desktop. Patients can learn about their condition, understand how to effectively manage their condition and learn about the common medications. Wellness Classes were developed by our Pharmacy team, under the direction of Anyssa Garza […]

Our New Online Payment Capability

Six pharmacies have successfully completed a beta test of our new online bill pay system. Patients or corporate customers like long-term care facilities receive invoices with instructions on how to pay on the pharmacy website. This new product is working very well for pharmacies with extensive long-term care billing operations. This is a new product […]

Challenges Independent Pharmacies Face (Part 1)

Let’s face it, owning and managing any business is not easy. Owning an independent pharmacy can even be more demanding and difficult. Here are five issues all independent pharmacies face with solutions to help you solve them. 1) Generating Revenue As with any business, generating revenue is key and a priority. If you feel like […]

Improved Email Collection to Build Your CRM Capability

Despite the fact that email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in one’s digital strategy, we have found that most pharmacies do not have an effective way to collect email addresses. Our platform collects email addresses on your website’s homepage and now in the refill process and obtains patient consent so you can […]

How to Build a Successful Clinical Pharmacy Program

Are you thinking about developing a clinical pharmacy program but unsure of where to start? We get asked about starting clinical programs a lot. You asked and we answered. Bringing over 20 years of experience in the pharmacy space to the table, Noah Chapman, Divisional Vice President of Health Systems and Clinical Programs at Benzer […]

Email Newsletter Promotions Developed by Our Internal Marketing Agency

Many pharmacies in our network now have over 400 weekly email subscribers. To date, we have encouraged pharmacies to focus on offering health information in these email newsletters. We are now rolling out new seasonal promotions that are featured in the email newsletter for Digital Marketing customers.  These promotions are aimed at driving patients into […]

How Masonic Villages Saves 30 Hours Each Week

We know time is money in the pharmacy, so we spoke with Masonic Villages Pharmacy about how they save time. We talked to Pharmacy Manager Donald R. Brindisi, RPh, about how TCGRx’s SmartCardRx™ saves the pharmacy hours every week. Read their story below. In business, improving efficiency is important. This goal is no different when you’re […]

5 Things To Post On Social Media This Week

Figuring out what to post on social media is not always easy, especially when you have a pharmacy to run. In an effort to help equip you with the tools to better market your pharmacy, we’ve collected some ideas and content that you can use in your social media posts over the next week. The […]

Our Newly Optimized Facebook Advertising

Our Digital Marketing Team optimizes Facebook advertising campaigns daily for 600 pharmacies. Our key insights are that social media ads need to be targeted to your local area, need to be personal, fun, informative or promotional, as opposed to dull and generic. The ad creative needs to be refreshed every month. We are working with […]

Our Improved Text & Outbound Pick Up Capability

You asked and we listened. Outbound pick up reminders are currently the #1 requested technical improvement listed within the 65,000 patient reviews. We now offer text refill capabilities. Patients who do not have smartphones can easily refill via their phone.  We also offer outbound call, text and email reminders. As most pharmacists know, having to […]

The Five Best Ways to Keep Your Pharmacy in Compliance

This month, we spoke with Wendy Cavanaugh, CPhT, PRS, clinical quality assurance manager for Benzer Pharmacy corporate, on how their compliance department helps their franchisees, as well as their corporate owned pharmacies, stay in compliance with industry standards. Read on to find out Wendy Cavanaugh’s five recommendations to keep your pharmacy in compliance: Maintain proper […]