How Boaz Discount Drugs Boosted Scripts By 40%

According to Dale Johnson, pharmacist and owner of Boaz Discount Drugs, launching his digital platforms was a long time coming. After forty years of business with a loyal community of patients, Boaz Discount Drugs found it necessary to offer new digital convenience features such as a website and mobile app. With the ability to refill online 24/7, Dale Johnson saw his patients quickly adopt his new products, resulting in time saved and money made for the pharmacy.

With the Boaz Discount Drugs website, mobile app and digital marketing campaigns, Dale and his team have been able to capture over 500 patients a month on their website, with 368 of them refilling digitally. This includes a large portion of older patients which actually rely more heavily on these digital tools due to the level of convenience they provide.

Going digital levels the playing field of convenience between the local independent pharmacy and the big box, national chain pharmacies. He quickly saw that with the same convenience features as the national brands, Boaz suddenly had an advantage over them. By achieving digital parity with their competitors, they actually leveraged their competitive advantage: personalized patient care. Dale and his team now spend 30 hours less on the phone each month, leaving more time to spend with patients and to ensure prescriptions are ready on time.

Boaz implemented many promotional methods to garner this level of patient engagement such as in-store signage, new IVR recordings and marquee messaging. This resulted in a steady and consistent increase in digital refills each month, with the exception of July and August in which they saw a dramatic spike of 49 new digital refills. After asking Dale what they did differently, his answer was simple: personally pushing their digital products to patients while at the point of sale. It’s this combination of raising awareness and personal messaging and makes for great patient engagement.

Dale has also launched customized digital marketing campaigns on Facebook to leverage his monthly specials. The current campaign has directly impacted the number of flu shots administered and the number of gifts and greetings cards sold. According to Dale, this differs significantly from previous efforts with print or radio which rarely resulted in any tangible impact on the business.

Altogether, Boaz Discount Drugs’ digital efforts have resulted in a 55:1 return on investment. And with 40% of monthly prescriptions as new scripts, more and more people are visiting Boaz Discount Drugs for their competitive advantage: unparalleled personalized patient care.

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