How a California Pharmacy Uses Technology to Boost Efficiency, Improve Accuracy and Save Space

When you’re running a pharmacy, you strive for efficiency, accuracy and security.

That is certainly the case for Pharmacy Director John Bodtker, PharmD. To promote these qualities in his pharmacy, he implemented TCGRx’s Beacon® system. Read his story below.

Since it opened in Placerville, California, in 2017, Shingle Springs Health & Wellness Center has partnered with TCGRx. Tribally owned and located on a reservation, Shingle Springs Health & Wellness Center focuses on providing health care to all.  

When we asked Dr. Bodtker what he believed was the most valuable aspect of the Beacon system, he said, “The high density is nice, but really I believe the ability to pick and pull medications via light technology and barcode scanning is the biggest strength.”

The Beacon system allows you to rely less on your own eyes because it guides you to where the correct medication is — and it does so very efficiently, Dr. Bodtker said. The system provides extra reassurance and peace of mind about accuracy, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced stress, he said.

“After learning more about the some of the reporting features and the different offerings the inventory system provides that are built into Beacon, it was like icing on the cake and very useful,” Dr. Bodtker said.

Dr. Bodtker said he chose the Beacon system because the solution facilitates safety and efficiency while improving accuracy. The system conceals medications and therefore provides security. It also easily keeps track of medication expiration dates and streamlines will-call — all while saving him space. Dr. Bodtker said he would need at least twice as much fixture space if he used traditional shelving.

Dr. Bodtker said he is looking forward to using the space he has saved to provide new offerings for his patients, such as medication blister packaging.

For more information about how TCGRx’s Beacon system can help you improve efficiency and accuracy and save you space, send an email, and a member of the TCGRx team will contact you shortly.