How Holt’s Pharmacy Saw a 344 Percent Increase in Digital Refills

With a 344 percent increase in digital refills over the summer months, Holt’s Pharmacy has seen an extraordinarily quick adoption to their new website and mobile app. Holt’s Pharmacy, located in Cartersville, Georgia, launched their new mobile app and website in April with a simple promotional campaign to get the word out and they quickly […]

Case Study: A Million Dollar ATM for Independent Pharmacy

As consumers demand more control of their health and 24/7 self-service refill options, interactive voice response (IVR) is having something of a renaissance in pharmacy. Currently, refills processed through our IVR technology account for 70 percent of the $400 million in annualized script volume we process for independent pharmacies. The remaining refills we process come […]

Market Your Front End With A Health Awareness Calendar

Every month is a great time for a pharmacy to shine a spotlight on a health condition and grow its relationship with the community while advertising its products and services. You can utilize this Health Awareness Calendar and customizable examples to engage patients and customers. Changing health topics each month and providing themed incentives will […]

Amazon’s PillPack Acquisition: Your Questions Answered

Amazon has hit the headlines again. This time, it’s because the company has shaken up the drugstore business with its recent acquisition of PillPack. We know PillPack’s acquisition last month has led to many unanswered questions. That’s why we asked Matt Noffsinger, SVP of business development for TCGRx, five questions about the issue. See what he […]

How To Compete With The Big Guys

With big announcements and lots of media, folks are talking about how Amazon’s acquisition of PillPack will change health care and how CVS’s delivery-by-mail-for-a-fee is somehow innovative. You shouldn’t be worried though, not if you’re doing what it takes to compete. You can do things chain and mail-order pharmacies can’t or won’t do – but […]

Up to 30 Percent of Initial and Refill Prescriptions Are Never Picked Up

Distribution of outbound alerts by pharmacy location If you are experiencing high return-to-stock rates, Digital Pharmacist’s outbound alerts system can help. We send over 3 million reminder alerts every year for hundreds of pharmacies, including those in rural areas. The chart above shows the distribution of outbound alerts by pharmacy location, with the largest store […]

How Blountstown Drugs Got Over 150 App Downloads in 45 Days

Many people might think that with a population of about 2,500 people, pharmacies in Blountstown, Florida wouldn’t require much of a digital presence. However, Blountstown Drugs thought differently and went digital this past July with the launch of their new mobile app. With just a little over a month’s use of their new mobile app, […]

10 Pharmacy Website Must-Haves

As a continuation of last week’s Five Website Best Practices, we have listed the 10 pharmacy website must-haves. When designing your pharmacy website, make sure you include these 10 items. Be HIPAA compliant. If you are planning on allowing patients to refill medications and/or communicate with you, your website needs to be HIPAA compliant. If […]

Labor of Love: Let the Marketing Do The Work For You

Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas — are all around the corner and are all great opportunities for you to drive customers into your store. Below are four tips on how you can successfully market your pharmacy as the one-stop shop for each season. Go digital Place promotions on your website, mobile app, email […]

Optimize Your Website With These Five Best Practices

Let’s take a look at five website best practices to simplify navigation, improve the experience for your patients and, most importantly, increase website engagement — including medication refills. 1) Simplify Your Navigation Miller’s Law, a theory about human decision-making, was developed by psychologist George A. Miller. The equation is as follows: 7 +/- 2 This […]

Four “Farmacy” Fun Facts

Did you know Listerine is named after Joseph Lister who promoted using antiseptics at the hospitals? Before gaining its fame as a mouthwash, Listerine had been sold as a cure for dandruff, a hair tonic, a deodorant, a floor cleaner and as a surgical disinfectant. Profits from Listerine increased 60 times in five years when […]