Getting Baby Boomers To Go Digital

In rural Illinois, Moreland & Devitt Pharmacy is a community staple known for their local and friendly service. Having four locations means that co-owner, Scott Stoll, stays quite busy helping with day-to-day operations. Scott recognized that the baby boomers, a generation that demonstrates adaptiveness with technology, were becoming more frequent prescription users at his pharmacies. […]

Naloxone and The Opioid Epidemic

Since 1980, the number of deaths from drug overdose has increased five-fold. In 2009, deaths from drug overdoses outnumbered the deaths due to motor vehicle crashes. Unfortunately, this trend continues to grow. As the epidemic of prescription drugs and illicit opioids overdoses continues to grow, access to naloxone is being expanded. The general public now […]

How Econo-Mart Achieved a 46:1 Return on Investment

Econo-Mart Pharmacy in Batesville, Arkansas, embodies what it means to be an independent pharmacy by providing friendly and personal service to everyone who walks through their doors. Casey Callahan, Pharmacist-in-charge, is always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to improve processes at the pharmacy and increase convenience for her customers. Going digital was […]

Watch How John Anderson & Team Achieved a 12:1 ROI

There is no denying the tremendous technological advancements that have been made over the past decade. John Anderson, pharmacist and owner of B&J Pharmacy and Wimberley Pharmacy, recognized these changes and how they impact the way pharmacists interact with their patients. For John, finding a convenient solution to help his already busy pharmacies was of […]

Get Your Pharmacy Back-To-School Ready

Backpack, check. Books, check. Flu Shot, check? There’s more to getting ready for the school year than just backpacks and books. Back to school medical needs are just as important to ensure your kids are well prepared for the classroom. From seasonal vaccinations to allergy meds, make sure your pharmacy is ready to advertise and […]

Pharmacy Trivia: How Much Do You Really Know?

Which soft drink was not invented by a pharmacist? Coke 7-Up Pepsi Dr. Pepper Where is the name warfarin derived from? True or False: Exenatide (Byetta) is derived from the saliva of the Gila Monster? What class of medication are derived from the Madagascar periwinkle plant? Which founding father was a pharmacist before he was ever a […]