10 Pharmacy Website Must-Haves

As a continuation of last week’s Five Website Best Practices, we have listed the 10 pharmacy website must-haves. When designing your pharmacy website, make sure you include these 10 items. Be HIPAA compliant. If you are planning on allowing patients to refill medications and/or communicate with you, your website needs to be HIPAA compliant. If […]

Labor of Love: Let the Marketing Do The Work For You

Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas — are all around the corner and are all great opportunities for you to drive customers into your store. Below are four tips on how you can successfully market your pharmacy as the one-stop shop for each season. Go digital Place promotions on your website, mobile app, email […]

Optimize Your Website With These Five Best Practices

Let’s take a look at five website best practices to simplify navigation, improve the experience for your patients and, most importantly, increase website engagement — including medication refills. 1) Simplify Your Navigation Miller’s Law, a theory about human decision-making, was developed by psychologist George A. Miller. The equation is as follows: 7 +/- 2 This […]

Four “Farmacy” Fun Facts

Did you know Listerine is named after Joseph Lister who promoted using antiseptics at the hospitals? Before gaining its fame as a mouthwash, Listerine had been sold as a cure for dandruff, a hair tonic, a deodorant, a floor cleaner and as a surgical disinfectant. Profits from Listerine increased 60 times in five years when […]

Test Your Knowledge With This Pharmacy Trivia

Which Avengers hero worked at a pharmacy before he became famous to pay his bills? Robert Downey Jr. Chris Evans Chris Hemsworth Mark Ruffalo Which medication is considered #1 in terms of total lifetime sales? Lipitor Synthroid Crestor Viagra Which soft drink was invented by a pharmacist? Coca-Cola Pepsi Dr. Pepper Vernors Ginger Ale All […]

What Patients Are Saying About Independent Pharmacies

We recently analyzed insights from 22,475 patients’ ratings and reviews submitted on 1,575 community pharmacy websites and mobile apps from the last six months. Patients love their community pharmacists, according to four key performance criteria:   Rating Criteria    Community Pharmacy Score   Efficiency   4.86 out of 5.00   Friendly   4.90 out of […]

How Lafayette Pharmacy Hit a Home Run With Their Recent Facebook Post

With over 500 likes, 16 shares and 15 comments from their community, Lafayette Pharmacy’s most recent Facebook post made waves online, resulting in tons of positive feedback and mobile app downloads. Pharmacists Jimmy Glover, RPh and B.J. Clendenin, PharmD, knew the importance of keeping up with technology and going digital was a no-brainer. Located in […]

Get Your Pharmacy Back-to-School Ready

Backpack — check. Books — check. Flu shot — check? There’s more to getting ready for the school year than just backpacks and books. Back-to-school medical needs are just as important to ensuring that your community is prepared for the classroom. From seasonal vaccinations, lice treatments, and allergy medications to cold and cough medications, make […]

How Coastal Pharmacy Has Over 500 eNewsletter Subscribers

Email marketing is an often forgotten marketing technique despite the fact 72 percent of consumers prefer it for promotions1 and it shows six times the transaction rates as other forms of marketing2. Coastal Pharmacy recognized the power of email marketing through their enewsletter and continue to leverage this capability with great success. More than 500 customers […]

One Thousand Five Hundred More Pharmacies Adopt the Digital Pharmacist Platform

AUSTIN, Texas, July 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Digital Pharmacist Inc. (www.digitalpharmacist.com), a rapidly growing digital health company that powers digital, communication and adherence solutions for 7,500 pharmacies, announced today that an additional one thousand five hundred pharmacies have adopted its platform in the past 12 months. Independent pharmacies, national brands, regional chains, hospital system pharmacies and health plan […]

Personal Touch is a Perfect Fit for Independent Pharmacy Owners

As President of Sav-Mor Drug Stores and Sav-Mor Pharmacy Services, Yvonne Gallagher shares her 35 years of pharmacy experience and opens up the benefits of her member-owned buying group and PSAO below. I began my career in pharmacy because I wanted to help people. That was 35 years ago, and my passion for helping people […]

How To Better Leverage Your Email Newsletter

With a wide array of marketing tactics to choose from today, you might ask yourself, do I even need an email newsletter?  While other more traditional forms of marketing such as bag stuffers and radio ads are still useful methods for reaching your customers, email newsletters provide a unique approach to letting your customers know […]