How The Clinic Pharmacy Embraces Online Reviews

Online reviews can be a scary prospect for business owners. One unhappy customer can ruin a five-star rating with comments that remain on Yelp or Facebook forever. However, the Clinic Pharmacy team has garnered a 4.9 star rating with over 100 patient verified reviews through their new online refill form and mobile app. Because these ratings are collected internally and come from real patients, they give the team an accurate picture of areas of praise or concern. We sat down with team member Seth McLaughlin to learn about how these reviews have impacted the pharmacy. 

Since receiving glowing reviews for their digital products, Seth works to reach more people by tailoring marketing messages through Facebook and in-store promotions. For instance, patients have loved the convenience of saving their refills online, so he makes sure to highlight this feature.

These tailored promotions have made it much easier for the pharmacy to get customers to transition to their mobile app. From May to April, The Clinic Pharmacy saw an increase of 77 digital refills through their website and app, significantly decreasing the amount of time pharmacists had to spend on the phone. This translated to a 48:1 return on investment and 13 hours saved in the month of April alone. According to Seth, “the phones were ringing off the hook” before patients transitioned to their new app.

When asked how his pharmacy managed to garner a 4.9 Star rating, Seth said that while the targeted promotions helped, it really came down to the pharmacists making an effort to get to know their patients. In all that The Clinic Pharmacy does, digital or otherwise, the ultimate goal is better patient care. And from the online reviews, it’s clear that their patients have noticed.

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