Curry Pharmacy’s Strategy To Increase Digital Refills By 45%

As a locally owned and operated pharmacy, Curry Pharmacy has been in the small town of Clinton, Louisiana since 1975 and is keenly aware of their patients’ needs. Whether through means of personal consultations or an IVR solution, Curry recognized that the tools for servicing patients were becoming more and more sophisticated. For this reason, they decided to make the jump to digital in 2015 with a personalized website and mobile app. What they found was that regardless of town size or unfamiliarity with the product, patients respond to real convenience.

Kristin, the manager at Curry Pharmacy, told us that feedback from their patients has been overwhelmingly positive. Through online patient surveys, customers noted that they loved the “speed of refilling,” “low cost,” and “efficient and mistake-free service.” Due to the ease of use and 24/7 service, patients took to Curry Pharmacy’s digital tools quickly, resulting in a steady and significant increase of 45% in digital refills over the past year and a half.

This convenience not only affects the patients but means that staff members can prepare patients prescriptions more efficiently. With a current average of 302 monthly digital refills, Curry Pharmacy has achieved a 76:1 return on their digital investment and is now saving over 25 hours on the phone.

To develop this level of patient engagement, Curry Pharmacy found success using many common promotional techniques such as in-store signage, banners, and bag-stuffers. However, Kristin also explained that when a patient didn’t have the app downloaded to their phone, a staff member performed an in-person demonstration at the point-of-sale to ensure everything was working properly. Those five minutes with the customer would then result in hours of time saved through the patient’s consecutive use of the app. Additionally, Facebook promotions were key in spreading the word to the larger community. In fact, Facebook was so powerful that Curry Pharmacy is doubling down and launching their new customized Facebook advertisements this month to drive traffic to their website.

With 30% of their monthly prescriptions as new prescriptions, Curry Pharmacy is continuing to see new business as a result of their personal service and convenience features. All of this was done in a town of just over 1,500 residents as well, proving that regardless of size, customers respond to great service.

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