How Fred’s Pharmacy Increased Digital Refills by 40% in 7 Months

Located in Hamilton, Alabama, Fred’s Pharmacy has remained a local, family-owned pharmacy since 1951. And like any good pharmacy, their mission has remained the same: to deliver quality, personalized care to each patient that walks through their doors. So why did they feel the need to go digital if they knew all of their patients? And how, did they manage to get over 500 app downloads and overall return on investment of 32:1? We sat down with Cole Sandlin, co-owner of Fred’s Pharmacy, to ask these exact questions and to see how digital has affected the business.

Back in 2015, Cole recognized that the way people were interacting with their local businesses were changing and Fred’s Pharmacy need a website and mobile app to increase engagement with their patient base twenty four hours a day. Even though Hamilton is a small town (6,739 current residents), Cole was confident that by properly leveraging their new digital services, he could at least better serve his current patients and improve the efficiency of the pharmacy. What he found out was that convenience doesn’t discriminate among small towns or big cities; to date, Fred’s Pharmacy has received over 6,800 visitors to their website and over 1,600 total refills.

According to Cole, their secret has just been wide and consistent messaging. For starters, with every prescription dispensed, they included a bag stuffers with a reminder to download the mobile app and refill online. Additionally, in every other advertising medium including radio spots or print ads, Cole makes sure to include a promo for their digital products. This consistency ensures that every person reached knows exactly where to go to get more information. After all, a pharmacy’s website is the number one place where patients go to get key information such as address and hours of operation.

Couple this consistency with their monthly, targeted Facebook campaigns, Fred’s Pharmacy was able to increase their average monthly refill count by 40% in just the last seven months. According the Cole, the main impact of the success of his digital products has been the time he has save on the phone. In just this past month, Cole and the Fred’s Pharmacy team have saved over eleven hours on the phone, allowing them to spend more time with each patient.

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