Getting Baby Boomers To Go Digital

In rural Illinois, Moreland & Devitt Pharmacy is a community staple known for their local and friendly service. Having four locations means that co-owner, Scott Stoll, stays quite busy helping with day-to-day operations.

Scott recognized that the baby boomers, a generation that demonstrates adaptiveness with technology, were becoming more frequent prescription users at his pharmacies. He wanted to give those customers an easy way to access Moreland & Devitt Pharmacy online and to fill prescriptions quickly and easily.

After a successful launch of their digital products 9 months ago, Moreland & Devitt has received over 1400 website visitors, averaging 300 per month. They have also received close to 1200 online and app refills with an average of 130 coming in every month.

Achieving digital success can be attributed to Scott’s effort in training his staff on promoting their mobile app and website. He found results through consistent social media promotions. Moreland & Devitt Pharmacy’s facebook page had a strong following of around 1600 people so posts publicizing the convenience and ease-of-use of refilling online and through their mobile app made a big impression.

“Since launching our products, our days have become more efficient and streamlined. The pharmacy workflow has been improved and we are able to get things done quicker and be more organized.” Scott proudly mentioned.

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