How to Be Successful Online – Part 3 of 5: You Need a Good Website

In part 1 of our series, we talked about the importance of having a digital strategy. In part 2, we talked about the need for a digital goal and then things you can do to achieve that goal.

In part 3, we’ll talk about the importance of having a good website.

Over 95% of people use the internet on a daily basis, including 75% of people over the age of 65. So your patients, of all ages, are using the internet to learn more about your pharmacy and submit a refill. Yet less than 50% of pharmacies have a website. Without a website, your patients are being underserved.

What should be included in a pharmacy website? Important information presented in a way that’s easy-to-digest. It’s tempting to include nice-looking photos, but too many photos may distract your patients from getting the information they are looking for. Also, be careful to not overwhelm them by including too much information on the home page. Use navigation bars and menus to help guide your patients to the information they need. Make sure the most important tools of the website are front-and-center. Specifically, a “Refill” button and location/hours should be easy to access. Finally, and most important since so many people are using mobile devices, it must be mobile friendly and display appropriately on any smartphone or tablet.

For examples of websites that do a great job adhering to these principles, visit And of course, to get help building your website, you can always contact us at 1-877-959-7550.