Louisiana Pharmacy Beats Walmart

Curry Pharmacy, located in Clinton Louisiana has been serving the communities in the East Feliciana Parish and surrounding areas in rural Louisiana since 1975. With 20 employees the pharmacy is currently owned by Bradley and Wimberly Gail and serves close to 2,500 patients.

Kristin Chasteen, pharmacy technician at Curry’s gave me a quick run down on the history of the pharmacy but what I found most interesting was what she told me about their experience with Walmart. In 2015 Walmart decided to enter the local market and opened up a location right down the road from Curry’s with one of their neighborhood markets. “As you can imagine, we were extremely concerned to compete with a big box store.” said Kristin. We knew they would compete with us on price. “However, we also believed we could still compete based on our loyal customers and service. To our surprise within just one year from opening they closed their doors.”

“We like to think it was because they couldn’t take away our customers because of our great customer service,” said Kristin. I could hear the smile in her voice, but I knew Kristin was serious about service. ”We pride ourselves on being a home time pharmacy. We want your experience here to be the best it can be. We want you to feel like family and we care about everybody that walks through our doors.”

Kristin summarized it best when she said, “Walmart could beat us on some of our prices, but there is no way they could beat us on our service.”

Service was also the reason Curry’s chose RxWiki’s Digital Pharmacist platform for their digital needs. “Customer service is important to us and RxWiki has consistently provided great service,” said Kristin. “Any questions, concerns, or problems have always been handled quickly. We also like RxWiki’s ability to manage our Facebook feed. Whether it is a health posting or app promotion, it keeps us on people’s feeds and top of mind. We definitely know it is helping bring in new customers as well.”

As one of our top 20 pharmacists generating digital refills I asked what Curry’s is doing to promote the app. “It’s a variety of things. We have a billboard out front where we will periodically post a message to download our app. We also use bag stuffers and we have a banner in our store. Customers are extremely happy with the app. They love the convenience of one button refills instead of calling us and waiting on hold if we are busy. It also frees up the pharmacist and technician time to help with more patients.”

While Kristin can’t say that Curry’s was directly responsible for Walmart pulling up roots, she can say that Curry Pharmacy hasn’t missed a beat and is now looking forward to opening up a brand new pharmacy location soon.

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