Massachusetts Pharmacy Makes Summer Camp Worry-Free

Medication packaging isn’t uncommon for community pharmacies, but Pepperell Family Pharmacy in Massachusetts takes it a step further. The staff makes it a point to show their patients that they care about them more than anything else.

Pepperell Family Pharmacy was opened by Tracie Ezzio in 2007 after she had been serving the community for 50 years as a pharmacist. Pepperell hadn’t had a community pharmacy for almost 25 years, so the pharmacy saw success right away. Six years later, Tracy was able to open up her second location – Tyngsboro Family Pharmacy.

Michael Weiss, lead pharmacy tech for both locations, has been with the pharmacy since the beginning. He explained that they’re surrounded by three major hospitals, care for 10-15 towns, and work closely with nearby nursing homes. Despite the breadth of their care, they make it a point to let patients know they’re family and not just another number. “We do a ton of medication packaging and individualized services for people who can’t maintain their medications. And we’re constantly doing phone calls to check in with our patients, we’ll even go out and visit them to make sure they’re doing well. We want to show that we care much more about our patients than we do about anything else”

Pepperell Family Pharmacy takes patient care to a unique level by offering overnight camp services. The community has quite a few summer camps for adults with disabilities, and the pharmacy makes it possible for patients with disabilities and their families to enjoy those camps worry-free. Michael explained, “families will send me a list of medications, and we’ll prepack those medications for the people attending the camps that way there’s always a second set of eyes on those medications.”

Not only does Pepperell Family Pharmacy have offline patient care down to a science, but they also provide digital care to further serve their patients. Using RxWiki’s Digital Pharmacist Platform, Michael explained “we really like being able to give our patients daily articles on Facebook. Not only does it keep us looking active, but we have multiple patients come in saying they love the articles.”

Says Michael, “we’ve noticed a large increase in refills online and on the app. We also get a ton of referrals for our medication packaging because of how it’s positioned on our website.” To learn more about the RxWiki services Pepperell Family Pharmacy uses to further engage their community, contact us.