How MedSource Saved 16 Hours By Doubling Down on Digital

Located in Kinston, North Carolina, MedSource Pharmacy is a well-established pharmacy with 35 years of pharmaceutical expertise. With a loyal customer base, MedSource works hard just to keep up with the high volume of scripts that come through on a monthly basis. We sat down with Justin, manager at MedSource Pharmacy, to see how their new digital strategy helped them keep up with demand and ultimately grow their overall business.

To kick off their new digital presence, MedSource decided to start with just a website to better promote their services and to offer online refill capabilities. With key information such as business hours, addresses and medication coupons, Justin found that patients were looking to MedSource’s website first as a source of information. Along with this, MedSource’s online refill form allowed patients to refill their meds 24/7. With just a website, not only was MedSource better connecting with patients, but they saved over nine hours on the phone performing manual prescription refills.

MedSource then decided to double down on their digital promotion and added a mobile app for their customer. Their patients quickly took to the new platform and quickly began refilling through mobile. With this addition, MedSource doubled their time saved on the phone and their total number of digital refills.  In fact, patients soon began to refill more on the mobile app than on the website. The quick adoption of their digital products was made possible by MedSource’s persistent promotion through flyers, bag stuffers and posters at the drive-thru window. Promoting to drive-thru patients was especially effective as these patients were already looking to save time on their trip to the pharmacy. With more online refills and more medications delivered, this all adds up to less time on the phone and less congestion in the pharmacy, ultimately resulting in 16 hours saved for the team at MedSource.

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