North Carolina Pharmacy Voted Best Pharmacy in County

Health Innovations Pharmacy in North Carolina was just awarded Best Pharmacy in the County. But it wasn’t always awards and smooth sailing for the pharmacy. They worked hard to push through the fierce competition they faced as the new pharmacy in town back in 2001, and let their friendly service move them to the forefront of the community.

Health Innovations Pharmacy owner Tim Clark explained, “the first three years of being open were a huge struggle because at the time, there were three really big independents that had been in town for over 20 years. The one thing that was new from us was compounding.” Considering digital marketing wasn’t around in 2001, the pharmacy’s marketing consisted of going out into local neighborhoods and talking to people, they also did a few TV and radio spots.

Old school marketing techniques coupled with great customer success helped propel Health Innovations Pharmacy toward their award-winning status. “We try to go out of our way for people and do whatever we can for them. Some people stick around with us even if we’re not in their preferred network because they’re willing to pay more for our level of service,” explained Tim.

Health Innovations Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy with a compounding lab, home medical and mobility department, and a diabetic supply department. “I enjoy being able to actually help the people in town. After working for a chain where you and your patients are just a number, this is a much more hometown feel. We’re a real part of the community and we’re here for our patients,” says Tim.

Though radio and TV originally helped get the word out about the pharmacy in the early 2000’s, Tim explained that they’re all about being digital now. “Paper and radio are so expensive, and why pay for it when you have an app, Facebook, or website that is way less expensive and will go out to way more people,” said Tim.

Health Innovations Pharmacy began using RxWiki’s Digital Pharmacist platform in early 2016. “People use the online and app refills like crazy, we get a ton of refills every day and that’s with barely having to advertise that we are online,” explained Tim. “Even some of our older folks will come in and want a high tech experience.”

To learn more about the platform that Health Innovations Pharmacy uses to provide an award-winning level of service to their patients, contact us at [email protected].