How Park West Pharmacy Found Digital Success With Multiple Generations

After fifty plus years of business, Park West Pharmacy has seen multiple generations of patients and how digital is playing a bigger and bigger role in their healthcare.

From filling three prescriptions a day to 195 prescriptions a day, Park West Pharmacy has had tremendous growth since its start in 1960. After expanding into a four-story building with nine pediatricians and eight family practitioners, Park West has had the privilege of serving multiple generations of patients and have discovered the growing role of digital in local pharmacies.

When asked why they decided to go digital and join the Digital Pharmacist family in 2016, Bill, owner of Park West Pharmacy, said it was mostly because of patient demand. The Park West team could see that patients were beginning to expect to interact with their pharmacy with how they interact with their movie theater or big box retailer. They’ll still show up to the movies and the pharmacy, but they now prefer the convenience of buying tickets online just like they prefer to manage their prescriptions online.

Patients still need the one-on-one attention of the local pharmacy but desire digital experiences that make managing their health easier. According to Bill, patients love the convenience of refilling their prescriptions on their own time without having to worry about the pharmacy’s business hours. With Park West’s efficient delivery service, patients are able to get their medications faster and easier than ever.

Bill first noticed this shift with the third generation of kids raised in the Park West Pharmacy Family. He named the group “Park West Grandbabies,” but has seen strong and steady adoption across all age demographics. Since first deploying their digital services, Park West has increased online and mobile refills by an average of 49% over the past seven months. Most of this growth has been a result of promotional messaging on customer receipts and one-on-one conversations at the point of sale.

Moving forward, Bill plans to leverage social media to bring in new patients and increase engagement across his customer base. Ultimately, digital’s real role is to enable a higher level of in-store care than previously possible. As the Park West Great-Grandbabies come along and patients continue to further rely on online convenience services, digital will allow Park West Pharmacy more time to do what they do best: delivering premium care on an individual level. 

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