Round 5: Ask the Member Success Team

We're nearing the end of our Ask the Member Success Team series, with just two members of the team left to go. You've heard from Katie, Daniel, Will, and most recently, Alex on the answer to his question "How can I celebrate Pharmacy Month with my patients?" This week you'll hear from Harneet on the most common question she's asked by pharmacists.

Meet Harneet, Digital Success Expert. Harneet loves wine and vegetarian cooking (as long as it doesn’t involve olives or mushrooms!). She prides herself on making sure that pharmacists have optimized and great looking websites – which is exactly why she’s answering her most common question all about websites.

Q: How do I create a website that’s good looking and functional?

Let’s play a quick game! Think about a website you use regularly, say In the midst of your busy day, you don’t have time to scroll around the website, clicking here and clicking there to get what you want. You also probably don’t go to Amazon to casually browse through a scrolling photo gallery of gnome photos (as whimsical as gnomes may be). No, you go to a shopping website with the specific intent of purchasing an item you need. Amazon recognizes this and makes their search bar easy to find at the top of the page. Signing into your account is also easy. It is a very to-the-point and user-friendly website. Functionality is front and center.

That is exactly how you want your pharmacy website to be: convenient, efficient, and simple. For your customers, the main goal is to find your pharmacy hours, locations, contact information, and the refill form so they can refill prescriptions and come visit you and your staff.

According to Google Analytics, most people spend an average of less than 2 minutes on any page of a website. This strongly supports the idea that functionality is the most important component of a website. Having plenty of photos, large blocks of text, and a rainbow of colors only slows down a website’s loading time. Also, many of your patients are going to access your website on their mobile phone, and if they have to wait more than 3 seconds for the information to load, chances are that they will simply close out of it. Although it might be fun to have a website that “pops” with color and a plethora of personalized photos, your main goal should be functionality, utility, and ease-of-use for your patients. Keep this in mind and you’ll become a successful Digital Pharmacist in no time!