South Carolina Pharmacy Serves Community Ice Cream and Medical Advice

Morgan’s Pharmacy of South Carolina embodies all of the classics of a community pharmacy. Loyal patients, family business, and of course - an ice cream machine. What started out as one location in Springfield in 1939, is now a fourth generation business with three locations. It’s no wonder the staff of Morgan’s Pharmacy treats their patients like family.

Rebecca Morgan, pharmacist and wife to Rufus Morgan, II (named after his grandfather who started the first Morgan’s Pharmacy in 1939), explains that having an ice cream machine has been a huge hit in the community because of its nostalgia. She jokingly explained that people will come into the pharmacy for ice cream without even getting prescriptions, “we’re fronting as a pharmacy, but we’re really an ice cream shop.”

Of course an ice cream machine is one of the many ways that Morgan’s Pharmacy serves their community. Says Rebecca, “the community is extremely loyal to community pharmacies. So much so that before opening our Williston location, patients would drive 10-12 miles to take their business out of town to a community pharmacy, rather than go to the local Rite-Aid.”

When asked why she thinks the community is so fiercely loyal, Rebecca explained that it’s because they truly rely on the pharmacy for medical advice. All patients have to do is call, and they have pharmacists immediately accessible. “People really appreciate free medical advice. I don’t know any other profession like us who’s willing to dole out advice for free without making people wait for it.”

Rebecca explains that the pharmacy began using RxWiki’s Digital Pharmacist platform because “we knew we needed a presence out there, because that’s what I do – I jump on my phone or computer to find information, and I’m 52! People need to be able to find us when they’re searching online, and then when they find us they need to know what we offer.”

Rebecca says that since getting a pharmacy app, they’ve noticed it’s lightened the load on the phone lines because instead of calling in refills, people will just do it through the app.

To learn more about how you can leverage the same RxWiki outlets that Morgan’s Pharmacy uses, contact us.

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