Staying Relevant After 30 Years of Service

Local pharmacists are a special breed of healthcare providers. Charged with the task of delivering efficient medications while ensuring the efficacy of each patient’s therapy regimen, pharmacists truly impact their patients’ lives. After Mills Pharmacy celebrated their thirtieth anniversary, Digital Pharmacist sat down with Tina Weisenberger, Mills Pharmacy’s President and resident Pharmacist to find out how they manage to stay relevant after all these years.

The landscape of pharmacy and healthcare has evolved dramatically in the past thirty years. Providers, services, technologies, insurance plans and institutions have changed, yet the local pharmacy still finds a place in patient’s’ lives. Tina believes that Mills Pharmacy is able to succeed and stay relevant because of their focus  on one-on-one patient interactions.  By putting that patient relationship first, Mills Pharmacy is able to adapt their business model and practices to best accommodate for variables.

As part of their evolution, Tina and Mills Pharmacy adopted digital tools that garnered a 3.8x return on investment. Through Mills Pharmacy’s website and mobile app patients can easily refill their prescriptions online, enabling them to better manage their medications. Furthermore, the time saved by not having to process refills over-the-phone allowed pharmacists to spend an extra hour and a half giving patient consultations in the month of May alone. As one patient noted through a mobile review, Mills Pharmacy “pays special attention to the customer. You’re a name, a face, a customer, instead of being a number.”

As the healthcare industry evolves and patient expectations change, Tina plans to maintain success by staying on top of trends, tools, and emerging technologies that help build relationships and provide personalized care.

In celebration of their thirtieth anniversary, Mills Pharmacy put their patients first once again by hosting an open house and inviting their community in for free health screenings, special sales and prizes. According to Tina, patients loved the event and appreciated getting to know their local healthcare providers even better.

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