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Top Five Pharmacy Facebook Posts to Post Today

Last updated Jul 20, 2022 | Pharmacy Marketing

Your pharmacy’s Facebook page should reflect your pharmacy’s personality and uniqueness. To keep your content fresh and engaging, try these five pharmacy Facebook posts!

1. Tell your pharmacy’s history

Customer loyalty is rooted in your company’s unique personality. Your service, your wisdom, and your story are what keep those regular patients coming back for years. Remind patients who you are, where you came from, and why that sets you apart from the chain pharmacies of the world.

2. Feature a patient with an inspiring story

You positively impact your community every day by helping patients live healthier, happier lives. Showcase that mission with a post featuring a patient of yours who has overcome an illness or ailment with your help. It’ll show readers how your work impacts the community.

3. Feature a member of your staff

Establish an emotional connection to your employees by showing that you and your staff are real, relatable people. Patients will feel comfortable in your pharmacy, and it will help create a sense of community.

4. Post quick tips to a healthy lifestyle

As a healthcare provider, you have a vast knowledge of living a healthy life. Lots of publications write articles like this, but patients trust your expert opinion. By helping your patients with more than just their prescriptions, you’ll gain a whole new level of loyalty.

5. Offer a holiday promotion

Holidays are always a great time to offer special deals. Considering Thanksgiving is around the corner, featuring a promotion to help drive foot traffic to your store.

You don’t need to be a social media expert to give your audience exactly what they want to see from you. Your patients trust you for health advice. By posting your advice, stories, and promotions, you’re adding immense value to your patient’s experience with your pharmacy online.

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