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Challenges Independent Pharmacies Face (Part 2)

Last updated May 20, 2020 | Pharmacy Management

By Digital Pharmacist Staff

Let’s face it, owning and managing any business is not easy. Owning an independent pharmacy can even be more demanding and difficult.

Here are three more issues all independent pharmacies face with solutions to help you solve them. View part 1 of this article here.

4) Marketing

You may feel like marketing is on the bottom of your things to do, but marketing is critical to spread the word about your pharmacy and what great services you offer. Whether it is through a custom website or through digital marketing, these steps can attract new patients and maintain patient loyalty. Who doesn’t want that?

Think about your goals for marketing and budget. Contact Digital Pharmacist at 877-959-7550 or email help@digitalpharmacist.com for help in creating a plan that gives you the biggest return on your investment.

5) Client Loyalty

Your pharmacy’s survival depends on your patients and keeping them loyal to your brand. Research has shown customers are looking for great service, relationship with their pharmacist, and convenience.

The first step is to determine what are your strengths and build on those strengths.

For example, if friendly, dependable service and delivery is what differentiates your pharmacy from other pharmacies, then build on these strengths. Focus on capitalizing on your advantages, build on your relationships with your patients and get involved with the community and loyalty will follow.

Next, find out what customers want from their pharmacy and take steps to offer services and products they want.

You may have many patients who have been visiting your pharmacy for years but what steps are you taking to attract new patients? Besides marketing, take steps to offer convenience.

Focus on your front-end (refer to number 1 challenge). There should not be any reason why your patients go and buy front-end products from other suppliers. Here is your chance to market your pharmacy as a one stop shop for all your patient’s needs.

This is when updating technology becomes very important. Offering your patients the option to conveniently refill their prescriptions is key.

6) Not enough time

Time is money. Besides reimbursement challenges, not having enough time is one of the biggest challenges, if the not the biggest challenge pharmacists face.

If you feel like your day is passing you by and at the end of the day you have the same number of tasks to complete, try to prioritize and develop a routine. Grouping tasks on certain days can help you save some time and can prevent some tasks from falling through the cracks.

Take a step back and identify tasks you can delegate or streamline through technology. For example, offer your patients the option to refill their prescriptions through your website and mobile app. The less time you and your staff spend on the phone, the more time you have to spend on other tasks.

For help building digital solutions for your pharmacy and promoting them, please give us a call at 877-959-7550 or email help@digitalpharmacist.com.

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