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Defining Healthsites for Pharmacies

To stay competitive in an increasingly digital world, pharmacies need to be able to engage with patients online. 

Digital advertising, social media marketing, and other online strategies have gained popularity, but there’s a valuable tool that many pharmacies don’t take advantage of, the healthsite. Healthsites are secure websites built especially for businesses in the health and wellness industry. 

In this post, we’ll explore exactly what a healthsite is, what it does, and how it can support pharmacies on and offline.

What Is a Healthsite?

Healthsites can be defined as HIPAA-compliant websites that allow healthcare professionals to request, collect, and store protected health information (PHI) and other data safely and securely.

Features that healthsites and websites have in common:

  • Describe your business with about, product, and service pages
  • Help you market yourself online
  • Let potential customers know where you are and how to reach you
  • Give you the ability to market your business online

Regular websites often violate HIPAA Security and Privacy laws by not keeping patient information private, but healthsites are built for security. Healthsites allow healthcare facilities to accept new patients and offer online services while protecting health information, turning regular websites into tools for digital patient care.

Why Pharmacies Need Healthsites

Pharmacies are often the hub for local community healthcare. To receive the best level of care, patients must be able to interact with their healthcare providers and access services outside of the store. Healthsites make it easy for pharmacies to reach and serve patients from a distance as well as enhance the patient experience in person.

With a healthsite, pharmacies can:

  • Offer digital services like online prescription refills and vaccination scheduling
  • Compete with big chains and tech-savvy competitors
  • Reach more patients digitally and geographically
  • Explore alternative revenue streams

How Digital Pharmacist Does Healthsites

Digital Pharmacist’s custom pharmacy healthsites are designed to support pharmacy operations, new and existing patients, and providers alike. 

We’ve built our healthsites to be mobile and SEO-friendly, so patients can easily find and engage with your pharmacy online. And with site-wide data encryption measures, including Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates, we commit to keeping your pharmacy and patient information safe.

All of our pharmacy healthsites include the following features:

Customizable templates

Choose from templates with customizable options and add-ons. Each template contains pharmacy contact and information pages so you can share your store hours, address, phone number, and other information all in one place. 

Add an “About us” page to showcase your staff for a personal touch, and content pages for pharmacy offerings. Our responsive design allows you to change and update branding, visuals, promotions, text, and pages as needed. 

Patient self-service and management portal

Patients can transfer their prescriptions to your pharmacy, request prescription refills online, and manage medication information for their entire family on a single secure platform. Our intake systems can also be integrated with your PMS, streamlining your pharmacy’s workflow.

Health news database

Access health industry updates with daily-updated articles written by our team of staff pharmacists, along with a full archive of previous posts. They cover pharmaceutical topics from seasonal allergies to recent discoveries in healthcare. 

Pill identifier 

Help your patient take ownership of their healthcare. Each healthsite’s medication search page lets them search pills by name, color, imprint, shape, and scoring. We also maintain a database medication of information, from generic name, and history to side effects. 

Mobile app access

Each healthsite includes a page where patients can enter their phone number that sends them a text download link for your pharmacy mobile app. 

Depending on your service package, your healthsite may also include:

Supporting Our Clients Online

Our clients have used healthsites to administer COVID-19 vaccinations, like Pets and People Pharmacy, and launch pop-up COVID-19 testing sites around the country. Others have explored new revenue streams and increased their web presence with projects like Grand Avenue Pharmacy’s gift store

Ultimately, we’re committed to giving pharmacies the tools to serve patients online, boost business growth, and provide quality care. To learn more about how our branded healthsites can help you transform your pharmacy business, get in touch with us today.

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