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All About the Digital Pharmacist Pharmacy App

Last updated Aug 6, 2020 | Digital Pharmacist Products

As digital technology progresses, mobile apps are becoming an essential tool for communicating with patients of all ages. 

According to a 2014 Pew Research study, nearly two-thirds of smartphone owners (62%) use their phones to search for health information. And this is not limited to recent generations. Now more than ever, seniors are adopting digital technology for everyday use. According to ComScore, smartphone users over 65 spend an average of 42 hours a month using mobile apps. 

The Digital Pharmacist mobile app plays a crucial role in helping you connect with patients, and we want to help you make the most of it. Here’s a quick overview of our pharmacy app features and benefits.

What You Get With the Digital Pharmacist Mobile App

Designed to be a user-friendly option for patients on the go, the app connects patients with local pharmacies. Users can create profiles with their chosen pharmacy and manage medications and request refills. 

On the pharmacy side, the Digital Pharmacist mobile app offers many of the same features as our branded healthsite, including:

  • Refill Tool. Patients log in securely and submit a prescription request with the medication’s Rx number and choose an ideal pick up method. All refill requests are automatically added to your queue or securely faxed to your preferred location.
  • Medication Search and Coupon Database. Patients can search for medication by name and identify pills based on color, imprint, shape, and scoring. Our Rx Coupon Database helps patients save on brand name prescriptions and suggests new coupons based on patients’ prescriptions.
  • Health News Resource. Updated with new articles daily, our database of health news covers everything from seasonal allergies to recent healthcare discoveries.
  • In-Depth Reporting. Your pharmacy experience dashboard gives you access to daily, weekly, and monthly reporting for all prescription refills that come through your pharmacy app and online app downloads. 
  • Pill Reminders. These customizable reminders can be set per medication, multiple days of the week, multiple times per day, and indicate how many pills to take and when to refill.

Why Use Our Pharmacy App? 

With a 4.7 out of 5 stars rating based on almost 11,000 online reviews, it’s no wonder that our app is a valuable resource for over 500,000 patients and 3,600 pharmacies nationwide.

Some of the benefits of the Digital Pharmacist pharmacy app include:

  • Improved patient adherence
  • Increased prescription refill requests
  • Helping pharmacies maintain and build strong star ratings
  • HIPAA and ADA-compliant 
  • Integrates seamlessly with over 70 PMSs

The Digital Pharmacist app provides a convenient, high-quality point of contact between you and your patients, propelling your pharmacy into the future of digital healthcare. 

Latest Mobile App Features

We are constantly working to improve the quality and usability of our mobile app. Here are a few of the most recent features we’ve introduced:

Customizable Branding

The branded version of our mobile app allows you to choose what your patients see when they log in to manage prescriptions, a feature available to clients with compatible PMSs. You can add location and contact information, your pharmacy logo, and a custom color scheme. When patients choose your pharmacy as their preferred location, their version of the app automatically configures to your unique settings.

Secure App Messaging

The mobile app now integrates with one of our most recent offerings, secure 2-way messaging. Patients can message their pharmacy easily and securely through the app’s inbox. They’re also able to use their phone camera to scan barcodes and take and send images to simplify communication. If they opt-in for secure messaging, patients will be redirected to the app so they can start sending and receiving messages. 

Family Prescription Management

Our mobile app allows multiple profiles to be managed through the app on a single account, a popular feature with caregivers and healthcare providers. This family sharing capability also includes an Order History feature. Users can view all current and previous prescription refill requests, request dates, prescription Rx numbers, medication types, and fulfillment methods so they can build personalized medication lists. 

Help Your Patients Adopt Digital Pharmacist’s Mobile App

Patients can access the pharmacy app by downloading it from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. In order to connect with you, all they have to do is enter the zip code of your location, select your pharmacy, and sign in to their account, provided they are already a patient.

They can also make use of our text-to-download feature available on all branded healthsites. If you enter their phone number on the Mobile page of our healthsite, they will receive a text with a download link.

Want to learn more about our pharmacy app? Visit the product page or get in touch to schedule a demo.

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