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Drive User Engagement With These Five Facebook Tips

Last updated Jun 1, 2020 | Pharmacy Marketing

Posting content that your patients will enjoy is easier than it seems. Here are five ideas for creating engaging content that you can post to Facebook today:

1. Pharmacy and Community Events

Upcoming events and announcements is one of the best things to publish on Facebook because it presents a clear call-to-action, and gives patients a real reason to continue following you on social media. Promoting events can be so powerful on social media because of the shareability and network of your audience. Events can easily be shared between friends and with an official events page, users can indicate interest and attendance which is then shown to their friends. For example, our friends at Remedy Rx created an event for a talk on women’s hormones.

Event at Remedy Rx

2. Behind-the-Scenes Video or Story

Today, video content is bigger than ever and has become a great way to tell your pharmacy’s story. Approximately one-third of people’s online activity is spent watching videos and 87% of online marketing content is video-based1. These numbers are staggering but not altogether surprising; users want to see the brands they back in action. Especially for local pharmacies, patients want to connect online and share that experience with their own network. Giving a tour of the pharmacy behind the counter or showcasing the staff and specialized facilities can be an easy way to get your foot in the door of digital video content. For example, Annie’s Apothecary-Specialty Pharmacy gave their users a peek behind the curtain at how compounded capsules are made.

Behind the scene image

3. Showcase Your Staff

Got a technician with an inspiring story? Let your community know. Establishing an emotional connection between your patients and employees is a great way to build trust and help create a sense of community. Sharing a personal story exemplifies the fact that you and your staff are real, compassionate people who will make every effort to make patients feel comfortable. One of our Digital Pharmacy clients, Douglas Pharmacy, has done a great job of showcasing their staff on Facebook.

Employe spotlight example

4. Let your patients know you have gone digital

If you have joined the digital movement and have gone digital, do not forget to get the word out. Let your patients know you are digital, especially because now you have a way for patients to conveniently refill their medications. Whether they can refill from their mobile app, computer, or through interactive voice response (phone call), they cannot benefit from these tools, if they do not know you offer these options. See below how Okuley’s Home Medical and Compounding Pharmacy got the word out with our customized Digital Marketing campaigns.

Facebook ad example

5. Provide Health Education

As a pharmacist, you are already providing expertise on a number of areas that may come as new information for your patients. You can leverage this experience and share this online as a way to better educate your community and position yourself and the pharmacy as the go-to place for community health. See below how People’s Custom Rx does a great job of educating their community.

Flu education Facebook post

For more general information on Social Media, be sure to read The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media (Part 1) and The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media (Part 2).

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