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Market Your Front End With A Health Awareness Calendar

Last updated Oct 29, 2020 | Pharmacy Marketing

Updating your health awareness calendar each year is a great way to market your pharmacy while promoting patient health. 

Every month, national organizations and countries around the world come together to share educational content and promote services that support specific health conditions. From cancer prevention to diabetes awareness, these events help bring communities together. 

They’re also a great addition to your pharmacy’s marketing strategy, allowing you to develop relationships with your audience while advertising relevant products and services. By highlighting different health topics each month and providing themed incentives, you can keep patients engaged and give them a reason to visit your pharmacy. 

As you can see from the calendar below, each month offers a range of opportunities to share health advice and tips and market your pharmacy. This health calendar by Aetna also suggests different healthcare products and services that fit the “themes” of each month along with potential content creation ideas:

health awareness calendar

Resources: Aetna Calendar; Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

Here are a few days you can health awareness calendars to plan your marketing strategy:

  • Pair information with products to empower patients to take health education into their own hands. Creating an informational flyer and encouraging patients to ask questions is a great place to start (See October and August for ideas).
  • Offer limited promotions such as Buy One, Get One (BOGO) on seasonal products with an educational message (see May and December). 
  • Advertise services that offer further education on specific health conditions, like diabetes wellness classes for National Diabetes Month (November) or smoking cessation (October).
  • Promote items at the checkout counter for patients picking up prescriptions such as vaccines (April) or multivitamins (May).

Don’t forget to promote these awareness events online as well. Posting educational content on your social media pages can drive patient adherence and add value to their online experience. 

Many awareness events have been created or are hosted by major healthcare organizations and often come with professional graphics and shareable social media posts. 

The CDC offers an excellent social media toolkit for businesses promoting American Heart Month in February with the Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention (DHDSP). This resource includes suggested social media posts with hashtags and links, animated graphics and flyers, fact sheets, FAQs, and blood pressure logs. 

As you’re looking for ideas to build out your seasonal social media calendar, try researching each health topic to see what resources are available. This is also an excellent way to partner your pharmacy with other organizations and businesses nationwide. If there’s a condition your pharmacy wants to bring awareness to that’s not already on your calendar, consider holding your own health awareness event for your community, instead.

The list of events continues to grow each year, so be sure to check regularly for new opportunities and ideas. Here are even more national health awareness months, weeks, and days to look out for, compiled by Becker’s Hospital Review.  

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