Market Your Front End With A Health Awareness Calendar

By Anyssa Garza, PharmD, BCMAS – Digital Pharmacist Staff

Every month is a great time for a pharmacy to shine a spotlight on a health condition and grow its relationship with the community while advertising its products and services. You can utilize this Health Awareness Calendar and customizable examples to engage patients and customers. Changing health topics each month and providing themed incentives will keep customers engaged and give them a reason to visit your pharmacy.

  • Pair information with products to empower patients to take health education into their own hands (see October)
  • Offer promotions such as Buy One, Get One (BOGO) (see May)
  • Advertise your services (Wellness classes) and products (see April and October)
  • Promote items at the checkout counter for patients picking up prescriptions (see Diabetes November)
  • Market your pharmacy on social media based on these health awareness months

Click on the calendar below to enlarge.

2018-2019 Health Awareness Calendar

Resources: Aetna CalendarOffice of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

For help promoting your pharmacy with monthly health awareness topics, give us a call at 877-959-7550 or email [email protected].