Your Mobile App Questions Answered

By Anyssa Garza, PharmD, BCMAS – Digital Pharmacist Staff

Last week we covered the frequently asked questions regarding pharmacy websites. This week we have listed the frequently asked questions regarding the mobile app and their respective answers.

Q: Where do refills go?

Answer: Where your refills go from the website and mobile app depends on how you are setup to receive those refills. We setup refill delivery in primarily two ways, one way is integration and the other is fax.

Integration is our recommended way to setup refill delivery. What integration means is that we will automatically input all refills coming in from the website and mobile app directly into your pharmacy management queue. We do this by interfacing with your pharmacy management system so that we can pass refills directly to it. We currently integrate with 60 major pharmacy management systems.

The other way we deliver refills is by fax. If your pharmacy is not integrated to receive refills directly into the queue, we can send them to your fax machine for you to process.

Q: How do patients download the mobile app?

Answer: Downloading and finding the mobile app is simple to do. The best way for your patients to find and download the mobile app is for the patient to visit the mobile page of your website and use the text-to-download feature. This feature will send your patient a text message with a download link for easy downloading.

The patient can also find the app both on the App Store and the Google Play store. They will need to search for the app your pharmacy is using and download the app from their respected stores. Once they have downloaded the app, they will need to put in the pharmacy’s zip code to locate your pharmacy.

Q: How much does the app cost my patients?

Answer: The app is completely free for your patients to use. We will never charge your patients for any of our services.

Q. What features does the mobile app offer?

Answer: The mobile app offers many of the same features that are offered on our websites, only in a very mobile friendly format. The primary feature of the mobile app is, of course, the ability to refill prescriptions easily and conveniently right from your mobile device. The truly great thing about the refill functionality of the mobile app, is it save all of the Rx numbers for future refills. If your patients need to refill a prescription, it is as easy as clicking on the prescription they need refilled from the profile and selecting refill.

The features of the mobile app don’t stop at refills. Your patients can also set up medication reminders that will send push notifications to their phone when it is time to take their medication. There is also an extensive health news section where your patients can stay up to date on the latest health topics.

The app also includes all of your pharmacy’s contact and address information. This makes it easy for patients to know how to contact you and get to your pharmacy.

If you have any questions on your mobile app, give us a call at (877) 959-7550 or email us at [email protected].