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Recognizing Pharmacies Going Above and Beyond: COVID-19 Testing and Vaccinations

Last updated Jul 19, 2022 | COVID-19, Pharmacy Management, Pharmacy Spotlights

More than a year since the first wave of COVID-19, our pharmacy clients are still going the extra mile to serve their patients safely and effectively with pharmacy COVID-19 Testing and Vaccinations.

In the past 12 months, the US has seen over 31 million COVID-19 cases and nearly 570,000 deaths. While the country still faces a long recovery, a potential end is finally in sight. Vaccinations nationwide have increased past 2.7 million a day and many states have begun opening up eligibility to the general population.

With potential cases to manage and millions of vaccinations to administer, the pace has not slackened for pharmacies. Thousands of drug stores have been working around the clock to test and immunize as many patients as possible.

Last year, we highlighted several pharmacies that stepped up during the first pandemic wave to provide emergency support. Today, we recognize several Digital Pharmacist clients who have made unique and forward-thinking contributions to COVID-19 response and prevention.

Grand Avenue Pharmacy’s Innovative Testing Pods

Austin area-based Grand Avenue Pharmacy added an exciting new service to their specialty compounding offerings late last year: pop-up COVID-19 testing. Working with a local moving company, the pharmacy rented out storage pods and turned them into mobile testing sites. They launched their first drive-up testing unit in November 2020 which quickly grew to 60 locations across Texas, Arizona, and Florida. 

The sites offer both rapid test and PCR lab tests and have seen hundreds of drive-thru patients since launch. The pharmacy’s new website page for testing services includes updated locations, and scheduling and booking pages to simplify appointments and payment. Grand Avenue’s innovation allowed them to quickly expand their reach and provide more flexible patient care nationwide.

Testing and Vaccination Marketing with Magnolia Pharmacy

Magnolia Pharmacy is a compounding and full-service pharmacy based in Magnolia, Texas. Their approach to pandemic response and prevention has been to focus on clever marketing and sharing educational content on their pharmacy Facebook page.

The Magnolia team has made it their mission to share up-to-date information about Pharmacy COVID-19 Testing and Vaccinations and services. Examples of posts they share include articles on vaccination effectiveness and safety or natural immune support strategies for long-term recovery. The pharmacy also hosts regular Facebook Lives, and live-streamed events that can be watched from a phone, computer, or connected TV, to answer patients’ COVID-19 and vaccination questions.


Thoughtful Service Updates and Vaccine Facts from Warren’s Drug

Warren’s Drug Store, a specialty pharmacy in small-town North Carolina, is also the town’s only independent pharmacy. Alongside drive-thru and delivery pharmacy services, the team wanted to take things a step further when they began prepping to offer COVID-19 vaccinations.

They added a “COVID-19 Vaccines Are Here” banner on the homepage of their health site which links to in-depth fact sheets on all three available vaccines, giving patients the tools to make an informed choice.

The banner also directs patients to a COVID-19 vaccine page which houses Digital Pharmacist’s Vaccination Waitlist feature, allowing Warren’s to collect patient information for vaccination appointments. 

The pharmacy makes a point of working with patients who need extra help to fill out the online waitlist over the phone, ensuring their vaccination appointments are accessible to all. 

Supporting COVID-19 Recovery

At Digital Pharmacist, our goal has been to make COVID-19 information and services accessible and easy to use for professionals and patients around the country. Our digital patient engagement and communication solutions and customized vaccination features have served hundreds of pharmacies and thousands of patients during COVID-19.

We’re immensely proud to support these and many other pharmacies on the frontlines of pandemic response and prevention. Your efforts to offer innovative, efficient, and safe care during a national crisis are deeply appreciated. Thank you.

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