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Coastal Pharmacy Has Over 500 eNewsletter Subscribers

Coastal Pharmacy recognized the power of email marketing through their eNewsletter and continue to leverage this capability with great success.

Email marketing is an often forgotten marketing technique despite the fact 72 percent of consumers prefer it for promotions1 and it shows six times the transaction rates as other forms of marketing2. Coastal Pharmacy recognized the power of email marketing through their e-newsletter and continue to leverage this capability with great success. More than 500 customers have subscribed to and currently receive Coastal Pharmacy’s e-newsletter on a weekly basis.

Located in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, Coastal Pharmacy services a population of a little over 17,000 people. To others, this may have meant they didn’t really need to promote their services digitally, but to Coastal Pharmacy, this was an opportunity to better connect with their patients online and promote better patient engagement.

A perfect example of Coastal Pharmacy’s use of email marketing was their New Orleans Saints Football ticket raffle. To enter, patients simply had to fill or refill a prescription at the pharmacy. Shelby, Coastal Pharmacy’s marketing manager, included an announcement of this promotion in their weekly enewsletter. As a result of including this event in the eNewsletter, they saw a significant influx of customers that week to take advantage of the raffle.

This success story was made possible by the consistent cadence Coastal Pharmacy had established with the eNewsletter. Every week, Shelby created custom and relevant content to be included their enewsletter. Examples of content they included are health awareness posts, industry health news and weekly events and promotions. As a result, Coastal Pharmacy regularly sees more than a 20 percent open rate on their emails, about 5 percent more than the industry standard.

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