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FriscoRX Pharmacy Had 208 Patients Transfer to Their Pharmacy

FriscoRx Pharmacy had 208 patients transfer to their pharmacy, since they launched the transfer (New Patient) button and form on their website.

FriscoRx Pharmacy, located in Frisco, Texas, had 208 patients transfer to their pharmacy in the last 16 months since they launched the transfer (New Patient) button and form on their website. According to the NCPA, a prescription is worth $55 a month for each patient, which means these 208 transfers are worth about $137,000 in annual revenue ($55 X 12 months X 208 patients)

When we spoke to Akin Akinseye, DPh, about what he thinks about the transfer capability, he said, “The button has helped very well.”

These 208 new customers are now existing patients at FriscoRx Pharmacy, Dr. Akinseye noted.  If the pharmacy did not have the transfer capability on their website, it is likely they would have missed out on many of these patients.

And through their Digital Pharmacist Dashboard, Dr. Akinseye has visibility into what his patients are saying. When asked why they love FriscoRx Pharmacy, here is what their patients said:

“The whole staff is always amazing and friendly!”

“Akin and staff are absolutely amazing. I live in Mansfield and they deliver all the way from Frisco. I have been a customer for over 5 years now and they are, by far, the best, friendliest, fastest Pharmacy I have EVER used. Do not go to anywhere else!”

“The owner will do everything to meet your needs. He also knows his clients one on one. Great place.”

Pharmacies in our network have received a total of 10,000 patient transfers since we launched our online transfer capability.

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