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How Medical Plaza Pharmacy Received Hundreds of Ad Clicks Per Month

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With the rising popularity of social media, Andy Null, RPh, owner of Medical Plaza Pharmacy, understands the importance of utilizing digital tools to reach new patients. That understanding has paid off — during the month of October, nearly 400 Facebook users interacted with Medical Plaza Pharmacy’s Facebook ads.

Medical Plaza Pharmacy has been serving the community of Corinth, Mississippi, since 1978. Their mission has always been to  improve their patients’ quality of life. Now, that mission means interacting with patients on digital platforms where they spend their time, such as Facebook.

Null and his team started using Digital Pharmacist’s digital marketing program in order to inform as many people as possible about the personalized service and care they offer. Essentially, he wanted to create a distinction between his local pharmacy and the big-box pharmacy chains.

After working closely with the Agency team here at Digital Pharmacist, Null created a strategy that illustrates the personalized care his pharmacy team gives the Corinth community. Null wanted to showcase the friendly faces his patients would see when walking into the pharmacy. After all, these are the people his patients will interact with and get to know when picking up their prescriptions. 

That’s why Null prefers to use photos of his team smiling in his ads. This helps highlight the family-like customer service his pharmacy provides.

Null designed a simple, effective way to engage local Facebook users and urge them to visit his pharmacy, and it gets results. 

He regularly updates his photos, taking special care to make sure his staff is current in all of them. He sometimes even uses festive holiday-themed photos in an attempt to keep his ads looking fresh and updated for the season.

Creating a personalized and consistent marketing strategy has paid off for Null — hundreds of people view Medical Plaza Pharmacy’s Facebook ads every month, and the ads have generated hundreds of link clicks. As the marketing strategy at his pharmacy continues to evolve, Null hopes his patient base will continue to grow.

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