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How Ross Bridge Pharmacy Received 96 Transfers in Three Months

Ross Bridge Pharmacy, in Hoover, Alabama, received 96 transfers via its website in March, April and May. Read more about their success.

Ross Bridge Pharmacy, in Hoover, Alabama, received 96 transfers via its website in March, April, and May. Because the lifetime value of a patient can be as much as $14,500 ($55 per month per script x 2.2 scripts per month x 12 months x 10 years), these transfers could add $633,000 in revenue (if each patient transfers only one prescription) to Ross Bridge Pharmacy over the next 10 years.

Patrick Devereux, PharmD, president of Family Medical Services, Inc. (the parent company of Ross Bridge Pharmacy), said an easy-to-use online registration process, social media marketing and “intention” were key to attracting these new patients.

“Most patients read about us on social media,” Dr. Devereux said. “Our team ran the organic postings, and Digital Pharmacist ran our social media advertising programs. Patients clicked to our website and signed up right there on the new patient page or they downloaded our app.”

According to Digital Pharmacist’s network-wide stats, a typical pharmacy that offers new patient transfer but doesn’t advertise on social media can expect to see two to three new transfers per month. However, a pharmacy that offers new patient transfer and runs social media advertising can expect as many as seven to 10 new transfers per month. Ross Bridge Pharmacy’s results far exceeded these averages.

CHART: Pharmacies who run social media vs. those who do not

  April New Transfers March New Transfers
No Social Media Marketing 2.22     3.05
With Social Media Marketing 7.12      10.96


When asked how Ross Bridge Pharmacy was able to average 30 monthly transfers since March, Dr. Devereux said, “We are approaching this with intention. While social media definitely drove the most patient registrations, we took a holistic marketing approach. For example, we handed out the store-branded flyers that Digital Pharmacist created for us at events and farmers’ markets. The simplicity of the messaging, website and app definitely helped.”

Ross Bridge Pharmacy is not alone in attracting a large number of new transfers with a combination of an attractive and easy-to-use website and social media marketing campaign. Albany Drugs, Altavista Medicine Shoppe, Better Living Medical, Channell Drugs, A&A Pharmacy, Conwell’s Pharmacy, Goodrich Pharmacy, Hudson Drug Shop, The Phoenix Pharmacy, and Valley Drug and Compounding are among hundreds of independent pharmacies that are successfully signing up an average of 30 new transfers per month on digital.

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