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How U.S. Drug Mart Tackled the Online Review Hurdle

U.S. Drug Mart has been delivering superb customer service to the community of Midlothian since 1991. Read the article for more on U.S. Drug Mart.
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What is the first thing you do before visiting a new retail establishment in person? Check them out online.

For the majority of people, reading reviews before visiting a restaurant, store or pharmacy is a must. David Paschal, chief financial officer of U.S. Drug Mart, decided to adopt new digital tools to increase trust among the community of Midlothian, Texas. The results of Paschal’s decision speak for themselves — over the past six months, his pharmacy has received numerous five-star reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook.

U.S. Drug Mart has been delivering superb customer service to the community of Midlothian since 1991. They always aim to provide their patients with the best possible pharmaceutical experience. In 2019, that not only means exceptional in-person service, it also means connecting online with patients who leave reviews on digital platforms, such as Google.

To reach that objective, Paschal implemented Digital Pharmacist’s Reputation Management product as a means to communicate with his patients. He wanted to create an authentic and credible image that would solidify the positive experiences his patients were having at his pharmacy. Ultimately, Paschal wanted to attract those new patients who will look at his pharmacy’s reviews before they visit.

Paschal worked closely with Digital Pharmacist, paying close attention to the reviews his pharmacy received on Google, Facebook and Yelp. Whether the reviews were positive or negative, he wanted to create organic and personable responses that  accurately represented his pharmacy. Paschal believes that when people search for his pharmacy online, they not only care about the content within the reviews, but the response from the pharmacy, as well.

That’s why he makes sure his pharmacy’s responses are always clear, friendly and detailed. Even the few negative reviews have responses that feel genuine and caring, usually with the respondent asking the reviewer how they can remedy the situation that led them to post the review in the first place. Personal touches like this make an impact in our digital world.

Paschal has created a unique, practical way to engage those who are using various digital platforms before and after visiting his pharmacy.

Working closely with the Digital Pharmacist, his pharmacy regularly sends patients review requests, making it very easy to receive any feedback about the experiences his staff is providing to the Midlothian community. Always putting the feedback into consideration, Paschal uses the reviews to constantly improve the services his pharmacy provides.

Building trust among his community through online reviews has paid off for Paschal. His pharmacy has maintained a 4.9-star rating across multiple online review platforms. As the number of reviews and responses for his pharmacy grows, Paschal hopes word of the world-class services his pharmacy delivers will spread. 

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