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Medi-Quik Pharmacy Achieved 260 App Downloads With Digital Marketing

In light of the ever-changing pharmacy landscape, the question to go digital was an easy one for Elizabeth Woosley, co-owner of Medi-Quik Pharmacy Ozark.

In light of the ever-changing pharmacy landscape, the question to go digital was an easy one for Elizabeth Woosley, co-owner of Medi-Quik Pharmacy Ozark. She knew patients needed new ways to connect with their pharmacy and manage their health and medications. After going live with a website and mobile app in May of 2018, Medi-Quik has already received over 260 mobile downloads in the last 30 days. This adoption of Medi-Quik’s digital products can be attributed to a number of things, one of which is the success of their Digital Marketing campaign, which has achieved more than 715 clicks.

Medi-Quik Pharmacy has been serving their community of Ozark, Arkansas since 1975. When Elizabeth and her husband took over the pharmacy in 2008, they have remained committed to the core values the pharmacy was founded on while expanding on the capabilities and services of the pharmacy.

Since launch, the pharmacy saw 97 percent of patients who downloaded the mobile app, refilled their prescriptions using the app.  According to Elizabeth, patient engagement is so high because “people just love the app as it makes refilling prescriptions more convenient.” This is also a huge benefit for the pharmacy as Medi-Quik has saved over 20 hours of time on the phone in the last 30 days from digital refills alone.

Previously, Medi-Quik’s digital presence consisted of just a Facebook and Instagram page in which they posted occasionally. Now, with a targeted strategy, they were able to reach over 16,000 people on Facebook alone in the month of May. The key is to keep these ads focused on the people of the pharmacy and on their competitive benefits. As you can see from one of their ads below, putting the friendly faces front and center along with the mobile app promotion has resulted in 364 reactions, 19 comments and 37 shares. Elizabeth also notes they make sure to respond to feedback in the comments, taking the engagement a step further.

The pharmacy now offers a full line of durable medical equipment and an extensive clothing and gift shop. Elizabeth plans to leverage these specific services in their Digital Marketing ads to continue growing their patient engagement.

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