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American Pharmacists Month Spotlight: Kristen Moore

Last updated Jun 16, 2020 | Pharmacy Spotlights

To round out this month’s celebration of American Pharmacists Month, we’d like to highlight Kristen Moore, PharmD, owner of A to Z Pharmacy in Cary, North Carolina.

For Dr. Moore, her passion for pharmacy was unexpected. Before the start of her professional life, she walked into town and applied for a cashier job at a pharmacy. After being hired, Dr. Moore quickly grew fascinated by the industry and did all she could to learn about pharmacy.

Dr. Moore started her pharmacy career at a Rite Aid in her community. After a Walgreens closed down that pharmacy, she knew she didn’t want to be a number in the system anymore. She wanted to do more to provide the personalized care her patients deserve. Dr. Moore’s patients suggested that they would gladly follow her if she opened her own independent pharmacy. Dr. Moore opened A to Z Pharmacy in 2019.

Since opening A to Z Pharmacy, Dr. Moore and her staff have proudly provided personalized service at an affordable price to the Cary community.

The pharmacy has also gotten involved in good causes in the local community. During this year’s flu season, A to Z Pharmacy is donating a dollar for every flu shot given at the pharmacy to the Family Promise of Wake County to help homelessness.

Thank you to all the amazing independent pharmacists serving their communities. We appreciate your dedication and passion.

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