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Premier Pharmacy and Wellness Center Recognized by Oprah

Jul 2, 2020 | Pharmacy Spotlights

Some pharmacies are so good at finding innovative ways to serve their community, they get recognized by Oprah, like Premier Pharmacy and Wellness Center

Digital Pharmacist client Premier Pharmacy, a black-owned and operated business based in Charlotte, NC, is known for their commitment to their patients. They prioritize personalized service and a level of customer service that can’t be found in big-box stores. 

Prioritizing Community Service

“Our focus is on direct patient care and building those one-on-one relationships with patients that independent pharmacies are known for. We also go above and beyond to fill non-traditional pharmacy roles for patients like offering extra health care and community services,” said Premier CEO and pharmacist Dr. Martez Prince.

Prince, who oversees daily operations as well as working directly with patients, is passionate about community involvement. “I’ve grown up doing community service all of my life. When I worked for another big-box drug store, I felt that was one of the things it lacked.” 

The pharmacy offers a walk-in clinic so patients can have access to general healthcare. They also provide convenience services such as a Western Union kiosk, complimentary compliance packaging, free delivery, and mobile flu clinics for homebound patients. But they are best known for their annual wellness fair and free health screenings, which received national recognition earlier this year. 

Wellness Fairs and Oprah Collaboration

For the past five years, Premier Pharmacy has hosted this free event every September in their store parking lot. The wellness fair draws 300-400 community members and features carnival games, food, family-friendly activities, and giveaways. Premier Pharmacy partners with local businesses to offer vendor booths and builds the entire event around complimentary health screenings. 

“The whole goal is to create a fun atmosphere that the whole family can come to and mix it in with the health screenings. Healthcare can be intimidating,” Prince said.

Oprah heard about Premier Pharmacy while looking for businesses that highlight wellness for her upcoming visit to Charlotte. Her team reached out to Prince about planning a special wellness event in collaboration with Oprah’s 2020 Vision Tour. 

The Wellness Fair & Celebration Event took place on January 17 with a guest appearance from Oprah herself, who dropped by to congratulate Prince and tour the pharmacy. 

“I could actually cry about the kind of courage and perseverance and determination it takes for a young brother to be working in a big-box pharmacy,” Oprah said in a TV interview at the event. “And say something doesn’t feel right about this I think I am going to start my own business and I am going to do that for my community.” 

She was also impressed with Premier Pharmacy’s facility and offerings, calling the business “a model for the country.”

Pharmacist Martez Prince showing Oprah Winfrey around.

The Premier Pharmacy And Wellness Foundation

In 2016, Prince decided to take his commitment to community service one step further, by starting a nonprofit. The Premier Foundation of North Carolina focuses on promoting and supporting local mental, physical, and financial wellness. 

“The foundation’s mission is to provide community resources to help level the playing field for the under-served. It is really hard to be healthy when you have underlying issues in the background. We try to remove barriers that might present an issue for individuals to gain access to healthcare or that prevent them from being well, Prince said. 

The Premier Foundation is the driving force behind the pharmacy’s wellness fair. Each annual event ends with a black tie fundraiser to honor supporters and raise money for community resources, such as scholarships. The foundation has awarded over $56,000 to promising students from families in financial need and recently gave out another $6,000 during their virtual June scholarship event. 

Moving Forward in 2020

Given the pandemic, Premier Pharmacy is playing their next wellness event by ear. They’ve already had to make adjustments to their business operations this year by adding no-contact checkout options and increasing home deliveries. 

Prince says he’s also been grateful for the support of Premier Pharmacy’s community during the recent racial injustices that have occurred nationwide. He remains committed to combating disparities in their community and providing inclusive care to a diverse population. “We’re blessed to be in a situation where all the patients that come in here really support us as equal healthcare providers and the mission to build healthier communities and guide patients to greater health.” 

Digital Pharmacist is proud to support businesses like Premier Pharmacy that expand their healthcare beyond their pharmacy doors to promote community wellness. To learn more about how we can serve your pharmacy business, get in touch with us.


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