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National Pharmacist Day Photo Contest

Last updated May 20, 2020 | Pharmacy Spotlights

As we approach National Pharmacist Day on January 12th, we are excited to recognize all the pharmacists that dedicate so much of themselves to helping their community stay healthy. To celebrate this year, we want to showcase all the friendly faces that make local community pharmacy so special.

To feature you and all the amazing work you are doing in your community in our upcoming photo collage, send in a photo to connect@digitalpharmacist.com that showcases what being a community pharmacist means to you. Whether that’s a shining picture of you and your staff or the pharmacy at a community health event, we look forward to seeing what makes National Pharmacist Day special to you. Additionally, with your submission you will be automatically entered into a drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card.

Starting tomorrow, January 9th, and throughout this next week, we invite you to send in a photo.

Stay tuned for next week’s newsletter as we will feature all of you in our pharmacy photo gallery.

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