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American Pharmacists Month Spotlight: Shawn Sams, PharmD

Last updated Aug 17, 2020 | Pharmacy Spotlights

By Anyssa Garza, PharmD, BCMAS – Digital Pharmacist Staff

Happy American Pharmacists Month from the whole team at Digital Pharmacist. We appreciate your dedication to your community.

To continue our celebration, this week we are highlighting Shawn Sams, PharmD, co-owner of Louis Morgan Drugs #4.

A modern pharmacy with old-school values, Louis Morgan Drugs #4 has been serving Longview, Texas and the surrounding areas since 1969.

Dr. Shawn Sams and Mike Holbert, RPh, have over 75 years of combined experience providing the best care for each and every customer and giving their community a pharmacy it can count on.

Every pharmacist has their own reason for pursuing a career in pharmacy. Dr. Sams knew he wanted to pursue a career in health care from a young age. At age 15, he started working at Eckerd Pharmacy, where he was fortunate to be mentored by two pharmacists. He quickly learned that pharmacists are in the perfect position to help patients because they are more readily accessible than physicians. Patients can easily walk into the pharmacy and speak with a pharmacist.

After he moved back to Longview, he started working at Louis Morgan Drugs #4. He immediately knew independent pharmacy was where he wanted to be. He saw that independent pharmacy provided him a better opportunity to help patients in a more effective, personal way than he would have in a different setting.

Today, you can find Dr. Sams and Mr. Holbert supporting local charities and hosting community events. You can find the staff walking to end Alzheimer’s and hosting a yearly flu awareness and prevention festival.

This year, Louis Morgan Drugs #4 took part in the city’s Good Life Senior Expo which was specifically designed for the aging population. The clinic focused on teaching people about the different health services available to them so they can plan for their future. The pharmacy also regularly hosts several talks for different organizations.

Watch Louis Morgan Drugs #4’s exciting video below.

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