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American Pharmacists Spotlight: Dr. Misty Williamson

Last updated Jul 19, 2022 | Pharmacy Spotlights

To continue our celebration of American Pharmacists Month, we would like to recognize Dr. Misty Williamson, PharmD, owner of Greenbrier Pharmacy in Greenbrier, Tennessee, for this week’s pharmacist spotlight.

Dr. Misty Williamson knew at a young age that chemistry and pharmacy would be her career path. She went on to graduate from the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy. 

After pharmacy school, Dr. Williamson spent some time working in retail and chain pharmacies. She quickly realized that chain pharmacy was not her passion. She wanted to do more to care for patients.

Due to her deep passion for independent pharmacies, Dr. Misty Williamson and her husband, Dr. Todd Williamson, decided to open Greenbrier Pharmacy in April of 2006. Since opening her own independent pharmacy, Dr. Williamson has proudly provided care with a hometown feel to the Greenbrier community. The ability to develop lasting relationships with all of her patients is what she loves most about being an independent pharmacist. 

The Greenbrier Pharmacy staff recently went to a local church to administer 120 free flu shots. They plan to continue their flu awareness efforts by visiting local schools to immunize teachers and staff members. When Dr. Williamson and her husband aren’t working to boost the health of the local community, you can find them at every ball game in town.

Happy American Pharmacists Month from the team at Digital Pharmacist. Stay tuned for next week’s pharmacist spotlight.

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