Chart of the Month: Where Are Patients Transferring From?

Last week we posted how Ross Bridge Pharmacy, in Hoover, Alabama received 96 transfers over the last three months via their pharmacy healthsite. In case you missed it, you can read their story here

Ross Bridge Pharmacy is not the only pharmacy to see these great results. The pharmacies that use Digital Pharmacist have seen similar success with their New Patient (Transfer) button on their healthsite. 

In fact, every month, Digital Pharmacist helps independent pharmacies attract over 1,000 new transfers via the pharmacy’s healthsite “New Patient” function. For additional details on how Digital Pharmacist has taken the transfer process digital, read How the New Patient Button and Transfer Option Works

You can see the overall growth has been dramatic. (Chart 1) You can also see a dramatic spike in activity in January, something we expect to see again at the beginning of next year as patients may experience changes in their health plans.

Chart 1: Number of Prescription Transfers

And now you can see where patients are transferring their prescriptions from (Chart 2). Patients are transferring from CVS, Walgreens and Walmart. 

Chart 2: Transfer Details for May 2019

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