7 Ways to Enhance the Patient Experience

Last updated Jul 19, 2022 | Pharmacy Management

Patient experience is the future of pharmacy. With new digital healthcare solutions available daily from big-box and independents alike, consumers have a lot of options to choose from. In this blog we will discuss and list 7 ways you can enhance patient experience.

Prioritizing the quality of patient interactions can help you stand out in the marketplace and build a lasting rapport with your customer base.

Here are seven ways to enhance your patient experience.

1. Communicate with patients in a way that is convenient for them

Digital tools give patients the ability to contact you at any time and access your pharmacy’s services from wherever they are. Adding a branded health site built to keep information secure makes it easy for patients to request medication refills online or transfer prescriptions to your location without a single call. 

With direct secure messaging, they’re able to start a conversation with you online or through a pharmacy mobile app and send important health information safely. You can also offer patients a self-service solution through interactive voice response (IVR), so they can get the information they need at any time.

2. Your online presence makes a great first impression

Your pharmacy’s online presence should include the following:

  • Website. Your online home base serves as a reflection of your pharmacy’s brand and supplies patients with up-to-date information and digital healthcare services. 
  • Directory listings. Add your pharmacy to as many business listing sites and healthcare directories as possible and make sure all business, contact, and location information is accurate and updated regularly.
  • Social media. Regular posts on a Facebook Business page, Twitter account, or YouTube channel goes a long way to connecting you with your online audience.

3. Keep wait times low and staff friendly

You can offer your patients an easy and safe in-person enhanced experience by limiting their wait time for prescription pickups or consultations. Extra fulfillment options like curbside pickup or delivery offer convenient alternatives and allow your pharmacists to focus on patients in-store. 

Your staff can make a good impression by greeting patients as they enter with a warm and welcoming attitude. If service is running behind, have them let patients know as soon as possible and offer a solution if necessary. They’ll appreciate the transparency and professionalism. 

4. Respond to reviews and online feedback

Set up automatic alerts on any review sites you use, like Google, Angie’s List, or Yellowpages. Monitor your website and any social media channels for comments and customer feedback. Be sure to respond to all feedback, even if it’s just a ‘thank you’ for a compliment. 

With negative reviews, take the time to craft polite and understanding answers that address specific concerns and invite customers to contact you directly so you can resolve them. This will show your excellent customer service and highlight your focus on your patient-centric care. 

5. Share helpful content

Your patients look at your pharmacy as more than just a place to pick up refills. They look to you to guide their healthcare experience, ensuring it is both positive and impactful. Provide educational resources to drive patient adherence and overall health both online and off. 

You can use your social media channels to post health news and tips on how digital tools optimize health and share expert health content on your website. Consider offering wellness classes and keep educational literature on hand for patients in-store.

6. Demonstrate empathy

Patients should feel comfortable enough to confide in you and feel that you care about their wellbeing. Take the time to ask patients about themselves and let them know you are interested in their lives and overall health. Work to develop trust so patients will be honest with you and not hesitate to disclose information about sensitive health topics. 

Strong patient-pharmacist relationships also keep patients coming back, promote better outcomes, and often help you gain more business through referrals. 

7. Ease of access

Digital tools allow patients to reach you quickly, but make sure that your systems and services are also set up to serve them efficiently. Prioritize maintaining a well-managed system for appointment scheduling. A pharmacy management system (PMS) connects with your different platforms so you never miss a message or appointment.

Allow patients to manage their own and their families’ prescriptions and set up refill notifications through a patient portal on your health site or pharmacy mobile app. This is one of the major ways to enhance the patient experience. 

Better Patient Communication With Direct Secure Messaging

Digital Pharmacist’s direct secure messaging solution is designed to transform pharmacy-patient communication. The HIPAA-compliant platform allows pharmacists and patients to initiate real-time conversations via secure email or text. 

With targeted messaging capabilities, pharmacies can nurture and build patient relationships through personalized greetings. Direct secure messaging also increases communication effectiveness with automated bulk messaging, streamlining Rx reminders, notifications, and pharmacy updates.

To learn more about how direct secure messaging can enhance your patient experience, get in touch with us today.

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