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15 Ways the Digital Pharmacist Platform Helps Your Pharmacy Compete

Last updated Feb 19, 2021 | Digital Pharmacist Products

1. Top Ranked Native iOS and Android Mobile App

Our top-ranked native iOS and Android mobile applications bring the personal touch of your pharmacy directly into the hands of your patients. The app allows patients to create accounts to store information, manage family members, and easily refill their medications. They can also set reminders to take medications and view patient friendly medication information from anywhere, anytime on their mobile device. 

2. Personalized Website Designs

Patients rave about their independent pharmacists in online reviews, but many first-generation pharmacy websites featured OTC shelves or block images, not the people who patients were coming to see – you! Our newer website designs feature the people who make independent pharmacy amazing and we quickly point out important services that patients love – like delivery or multi-dose packaging. If you have not received your annual website refresh in the past 12-months, please get in touch with us. We will gladly work on upgrading your website at no additional cost to you.


website design two

3. HIPAA Secure Single Sign-On for Patients

Patients can sign on to your website and mobile app with the same credentials to access their medication history. Creating an account is easy and with our shared, secure user authentication process, patients that have setup an account on the website or the mobile app can immediately use that same account on the other platform.

4. Double Verification of Patient Accounts to Ensure Tighter Security

We’ve always taken data security very seriously which is why we have an extra layer of verification to our account creation process.

New patients will be asked to verify their email address with a special code that we send to their inbox. Just like a bank account, this extra layer of security protects patients from inadvertently entering the wrong email address and giving a stranger access to their PHI. This feature protects your patients and your pharmacy. The full account creation process is shown below.

Step 1 – Patient creates an account after the first refill by entering an email address and password.

Step 2 Patient receives confirmation of account creation and is asked to obtain a special code from their email to verify their email address.

Step 3 – Patient receives a confirmation email.

Step 4 Patient goes to your website and enters the secure code, then the account is created.

verification code

5. Family Accounts

Families can add multiple patients into a single family account. This feature can also be used by nurses in long-term care facilities to create patient groups. After adding family members, it is easy to switch between patient profiles to easily refill medications for everyone in the family. Because this is all under a single family account, the patient doesn’t have to sign out and sign back in under different accounts but can simply pick from the list of profiles created under their account.

6. Improved Refill Error Handling

One of the biggest challenges for patients and pharmacists is knowing the status of a refill request when it is submitted. Through integration, our platform produces 34 different intelligent messages if a refill fails. Refills can fail for many reasons. For example, an RX number may be expired, a refill may be too early, the RX may not have any refills or the telephone line may go down. 

Now patients get hard confirmations or intelligent failure messages which will reduce patient frustration and improve service.

7. New Refill Digest for Tracking All Requests

Our new Refill Digest in the Pharmacy Dashboard provides a complete list of all the refill requests submitted through our platform.  This allows you to have one place to go to view and search all requests from our website, mobile app, or IVR system along with the details of that request like the patient information and delivery method they selected.

Refill Digest

8. Fast Fall Back to Fax

If there are two failed attempts to connect to your pharmacy management system, our servers automatically fax the refill to the store. Our support team then works with the store or pharmacy management system to restore the connection.

If the connection to your pharmacy management system and your fax line is not responding, we will alert the patient who is attempting to refill there is a persistent error and they should call the pharmacy. This will prevent patients from showing up at the pharmacy with an expectation that a refill was successfully submitted.

9. Streamlined Fax

We streamlined the fax to make it easier to see the refill information and patient notes.

10. New, secure, HIPAA-Compliant Communications Platform

With our new secure communications platform, Patient Engagement Platform, we provide pharmacists with the ability to connect with patients on the first try, every time. Our HIPAA-compliant platform allows you to communicate with patients safely through a data-encrypted system without having to worry about exposing any protected health information. You have the ability to send and receive messages from any connected computer in your store while patients can choose to send messages from their phone or your mobile app. To increase efficiencies, you can choose from a selection of messaging templates such as insurance update prompts or prescription refill alerts. You can even share images, emojis, and GIFs through direct messaging. 

Rx Confer Patient Workflows

11. Text & Outbound Pick Up Capability

We offer text refill capabilities so that patients can easily refill via their mobile phone, even if it isn’t a smartphone.  We also offer outbound call, text and email reminders. As most pharmacists know, having to return to stock is a significant issue, so our outbound capability allows you to send outbound refill reminders, outbound Rx Ready and outbound pick up reminders via call, text or email. 

12. Paid Advertising Support and New Customer Tracking

Having an online marketing plan is no longer just an option for healthcare businesses, it’s a necessity. Our dedicated digital marketing experts work with over 1,500 pharmacies to provide professional marketing support and industry-leading tools to grow business. With paid advertising support, we help you promote your pharmacy services and target people that live near your store. Our tools allow you to measure your progress by tracking incoming traffic generated from your ads and provides the ability to interact with new customers who call in. We also help you engage with your online community through social media content support, weekly e-newsletters, wellness classes and more! With digital marketing, we help you tell your story and stay top of mind.

SJ Pharmacy Simply Well Pharmacy

13. Online Reviews With Reputation Management 

You serve as your patient’s advocate for better health care and outcomes. It is time to let them advocate for you! We help pharmacies manage their online reputation with our reputation management service. We solicit and generate feedback on your pharmacy’s behalf in addition to monitoring and responding to your reviews. When a patient refills using your digital tools (mobile app; website), we will send them an email and text, inviting them to share their experience. Once the patient posts the review, we compose and post HIPAA compliant responses. If your patient has feedback for the pharmacy, they can write that to you directly (internal feedback). That way, they still feel heard but they don’t have to post that online. Additionally, your healthsite will have a reviews page with a live-time feed of your ratings to help your pharmacy stay front and center.

reputation management

14. Email Collection to Build Your CRM Capability

We found most pharmacies do not have an effective way to collect email addresses. Our platform collects email addresses on your homepage and now in the refill process and obtains patient consent so you can contact them. Now that you have email addresses, you can email your customizable newsletter to your patients from your Digital Pharmacist Dashboard and be sure you are not violating CAN-SPAM laws.  

15. Improved Online Wellness Classes Program

Our wellness classes are designed to encourage patient recruitment and retention and improve medication adherence. Developed by Anyssa Garza PharmD, BCMAS, pharmacists can use this to educate patients on common medical issues and teach them how to effectively manage their health. These interactive classes can be paired with handouts, activities, knowledge assessments, and multimedia content that we provide. Anyone can view the videos and presentations on your healthsite while you can access the pharmacist-only version of wellness classes through your pharmacy experience dashboard. You can also turn this into an additional revenue stream by presenting them in person as an event and charging a fee!

If you have any questions or need help growing your digital engagement, reach out to us.

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