10 Free Tools for Your Business

Your online presence is key to your business. Luckily, the number of tools to enhance that presence continues to increase every day. Find out what free tools we recommend for your business.

1. National Day Calendar

We’ve all been there – you realize that the day before was a holiday and you completely forgot to post something on social media. We totally understand, it can be hard to remember all of the various holidays throughout the year. Luckily, National Day Calendar keeps you updated on all of the conventional – and unconventional – yearly celebrations.

2. Recite

The occasional inspiring or motivational quote can do really well on social media. While you may knack for selecting a quote that really resonates, you might have trouble creating an image for the quote text. Recite has you enter in your text, then in return gives you a selection of images with that quote superimposed onto them.

3. MixMax

This tool can really enhance productivity inside of your inbox. MixMax makes it easy to “Track emails accurately, set up meetings in an instant, save time with email templates, schedule emails to be sent later” and much more. Our favorite feature – find out who hasn’t been opening your emails, so you can follow-up with them!

4. Feedly

With several different sources of news, and many devices to access that news on, it can be overwhelming to stay updated on everything that’s important to you. Feedly lets you organize all of your favorite news in one place. Just choose your topics and sources to customize your feed, and feedly will show you the articles that fit your selection – perpetually updated.

5. Hootsuite

You’ve likely heard us talk about Hootsuite before, but we just want to remind you about the features it offers. Probably the most important function – you can schedule posts in advance for up to 3 social accounts. But it doesn’t just provide scheduling tools, you can keep tabs on what people are saying about different topics. For example, let’s say you’re interested in all tweets using the hashtag: #pharmacy. You can actually set up a feed that allows you to easily browse tweets containing #pharmacy.

6. Latergramme

If you’re just looking for a website that lets you schedule instagram posts, Lattergramme is the way to go.

7. PiktoChart

Sometimes information is best expressed through an image, especially when pictures get more engagement on social media. With PiktoChart, you can create infographics with ease by using their pre-designed templates.

8. Wistia

Do you have a store commercial you’ve created? Whatever video you may have produced for your store, Wistia will host it for you. They make it easy to share, customize, and embed videos.

9. Giphy

Everyone loves a good gif. In addition to producing plenty of smiles, gifs also increase engagement and are incredibly easy to make. All you need is a video clip, and Giphy will give you easy step-by-step instructions.

10. Land.ly

We can’t stress it enough – mobile is everything. It’s one thing to make sure you have a mobile presence (app, website, etc.), it’s another thing to promote that presence to maximize it. Land.ly let’s you create a landing page for your mobile app links. Easily promote the app to both Android and Apple users with a single link.