3 Strategies To Increase Your Pharmacy’s Transactions

To increase the value of your customer base, you want to get more customers through the door and increase the frequency of those transactions. Seasonal promotions and events are great ways to do that. Once you get them in your store, there is a greater chance that they will shop there in the future

Strategy #1: Schedule a Health Screening

Scheduling health screenings are one way of getting customers to come in. Pick a day and get the word out. Not only can you help screen your patients for basic health conditions, you can also build a lasting relationship with them.

Strategy #2: Schedule a Brown-Bag Check-Up Event

This event allows patients to bring all of their medications to you in a bag, which gives you the opportunity to identify potential drug-drug interactions and discuss alternative solutions. This is a great way to educate your patients on their medications and establish yourself as an expert whom they can depend on for guidance and assistance.

Learn more about brown-bag events

Strategy #3: Schedule an Exercise Event

Who doesn’t want to get their blood flowing and burn calories? Have a Yoga or Zumba instructor come to your store and offer a class in your parking lot. You might be surprised at how many people attend!

Strategies for getting customers through your door are endless. Now that you have a few ideas, how should you spread the word?

Your Engagement Dashboard allows you to create customized “Promo Cards” that will appear in your mobile app, which can be used to promote seasonal events and discounts. You can create promo cards to advertise health screenings or promote sales on greeting cards, as they are a great and easy way to engage your customers!

What are you waiting for? If you don’t have access to your dashboard or need a refresher on how to create a promo card, please call 1-888-222-9292 and speak with your digital pharmacist expert.